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Nice Dresses to Wear to Weddings

Neha Joshi Oct 6, 2018
Tired hunting for some nice dresses to wear to weddings? We won't just help you find them, but will also give you some useful tips on how to choose what suits you best. Continue reading to be equipped with stylish attire for the next wedding you attend and all the ones after that!
Another wedding, another week spent in readying something nice to wear. What exactly should I wear? Will it look good? Will I look better than others present for the wedding? Is this the perfect color for this wedding? Is something wrong with the length? The questions are just unending with their answers being nothing but confusing.
Now, wait. Forget everything that you have been thinking about. Absolutely everything. Clear your mind of all the confusion and read this information. The ideas mentioned here will give you a clear picture as to what you can and cannot wear!

What You Should Keep in Mind

Color Schemes

If you want to come up with a nice dress for a wedding, you must choose the perfect color scheme. All the colors you wear, have to complement each other. This isn't only restricted to the clothes, but also to the accessories. Don't wear anything that would be considered very eccentric.


Make sure that whichever pattern you choose, it complements your figure. For example, if you are too plump, don't wear a body-hugging dress; opt for plus size dresses instead.
Similarly, if you don't have a longer neck, don't wear anything right up to it. Keep the area around your neck and shoulders a bit open.


One thing you must, must remember, is that it is not your wedding. Give the bride her share of attention and dress in something simple yet elegant. Do not steal her thunder. Simplicity is the best form of sophistication, isn't it? Also, try to minimize your jewelry or accessories. Remember, you have to dress like the guest, not the host.

Your Options

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are an outdoor affair and you have to be very careful with what you wear for these weddings. Don't wear anything that is very light in weight and has a flare.
The breeze can make it one hell of a problem for you. Another thing to keep in mind, is to wear light colors. Even if it is a winter or summer beach wedding, wear light colors. It is going to be humid, so keep your jewels least in number.

Summer Wedding

Summer weddings give you the chance to wear bright colors and cute sundresses. If the wedding is in the morning, you can wear some really chic short-length sun dresses.
On the other hand, if it's in the night, you can wear some really beautiful cocktail dresses with bold colors such as bright red, a shocking green and even the majestic black. However, don't wear anything made from a thick fabric.

Spring Wedding

The best part about spring weddings, is that you can pick up some really cheap dresses to wear. For one thing, the end of (winter) season sales will give you loads of options and cheap ones at that. It's spring, so wear something that is fresh and bright.
Wear beautiful flower patterns with flare and keep the whole look very fresh. Keep the jewelry to a minimum and whatever little you do wear, keep it extremely delicate. Try to avoid black footwear and accessories/jewelry with a lot of bling.

Winter Wedding

Now, a winter wedding will give you the freedom of wearing absolutely any color you want. Unlike other weddings, in this one, you can also wear some bold jewelry if you want.
Besides you also get to carry some other accessories like a nice woolen jacket and /or a nice scarf. You can also wear gloves, but remember to remove them before you eat (even if you're using a spoon!). Another thing you must remember is to not let the dress be very open with a lot of cuts. Remember, it's winter.
When we talk about nice dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest, these tips are all that you need! Be very careful with the accessories you choose. Sometimes, the accessories (if chosen wrong) can make the entire look go wrong.
As we have seen, there are plenty of nice dresses, but what matters is what you think you can carry well. Sure all these dresses will look absolutely fab on you. There are plenty of options, but to make them look as nice as possible, just follow a simple rule - keep it simple, always! Good Luck!