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Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses That are Gorgeously Unique

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses
Many couples wish that their wedding should be unique and hence, seek new and varied ideas for the same. One prominent way of making the wedding unique is by selecting non-traditional wedding dresses.
Aishwarya Nirmal
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
The two things that are almost common in all the wedding dresses are, the style and the color. Most brides prefer well fitting gowns that feature a fitted bodice and a flared-up skirt-like structure, below the waistline. Whereas, the color ranges within shades of white and pink. If you want your wedding dress to be non-conventional, you can mix and match various styles and colors to make a wedding dress that defines your style. Also, if your wedding party is themed, you would want your wedding dress to be designed according to it.

However, some like to break the rules and play it differently. Why shouldn't they? After all, it's their wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the bride and the groom. This day is special and they have the complete rights to decide how everything has to be. So, why not begin with the wedding dress?
Traditional Wedding Dress
Traditional White Wedding Dresses
A traditional wedding dress for the bride usually looks like an elegant gown, the color - a decent shade of white, the design - a little frilly, a white tiara, a gorgeous white veil and all other accessories are chosen to suit them.
Vintage White Wedding Gown
The various parts of a wedding dress structure such as the silhouette, the sleeves, the bodice, the neckline and the train are planned well before the actual dress is made. You can select any one of the vintage styled patterns for designing your wedding dress. If you already have your mother's, aunt's or grandmother's wedding dress that you truly love, you can make a few small self-desired alterations in it (for the fittings or even the style) and wear the same for your wedding.
Modern Wedding Dress
Modern White and Red Wedding Dress
The wedding dress designs have undergone a tremendous change in the 20th century. So, you have a wide range to choose from. Another option that you can choose are, the party gowns that are readily available. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to party gowns. Furthermore, it is suitable for those who are confused or have not yet decided on the style of the wedding gown.
No Typical Hollywood Romance Gowns
Blonde in a beautiful blue cut out maxi dress
"What kind of a gown should I wear at my wedding?" Is this the question that is plaguing you and keeping you sleepless at night? Bridal fashion is a huge booming market. Most of the bridal stores and designers offer dresses which are crafted representing Hollywood romance. However, the number of hardly-blushing brides are also steadily increasing day by day. So it goes without saying, for such a daring bride, the conventional canopy styled dress is a big no-no.
Short and Chic Wedding Dress
Short and Chic Wedding Dress
You need something which reflects your free-spirited personality. If you have no choice but to wear your mom's dress on your big day, you can easily shorten it and make it more chic. Choose any off-the-rack dress that is flattering to your figure and presents you in the best light.
Pantsuit Wedding Attire
If you are game to be more than a bit different, then you may forget about dresses altogether, and instead choose a pantsuit in beige or cream color with some fabulous accessories. The idea is to celebrate your holy union with your loved one in a style in which you are comfortable.
Material Of the Wedding Dress
A woman in a golden metallic chiffon dress
If you want a non traditional wedding dress then not just the dress pattern, you can also experiment with the material of your dress. Show up at the altar in a feathery dress and see the surprised expressions of your guests. Metallic dress which shimmers is the outfit to kill for. You can literally dazzle the onlookers by making an appearance in this piece of art. Any woman who wants to celebrate her big day in an anti-bride style and yet look within the boundaries of traditional customs.
Color of Wedding Dress
Woman in a Green Gown
A bride is always imagined in pastel shaded wedding gowns. Why not add a little color to your wedding and make the event bright? You can use bright and vivid colors for your dress, as well as for your bridesmaids' dresses. Bright shades of red, pink, blue, purple, green, etc., will light up the party.
The accessories, wedding shoes, wedding decorations and the groom's suit, if matches the bride's wedding dress in a trendy way, the whole arrangement is sure to awe people. The look will make the event lively and happening. If the wedding is taking place on a special day like the Valentine's day, a red attire would be just perfect as red color symbolizes love. If you are getting married on 4th of July, an wedding dress in the shades of blue, white and red would look splendid for this event. A Christmas day wedding can have the bride sporting a red and white dress.

Now, let me warn you, it is up to you to decide which point to prioritize. Whether you want to choose the style of the dress before selecting the color or you want to select the color before deciding on the style, the decision entirely depends on your preferences. If you already have a color in mind for your bridal gown, then style your dress in a such way that it complements the color. Whereas, if you have made up your mind about the pattern of the dress, choose a color that will look best with that style. If you find it difficult to find an unconventional wedding dress for yourself, you can opt for a custom-made dress. This factor offers you the liberty to have every detail of the dress in the exact manner you want.

Feel free to try out many different dresses before making your final decision and click your picture in these outfits. Then with the help of your friends, choose the one dress which makes you look like you own the world.
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