Nosegay Bouquets

Breathtakingly Beautiful Nosegay Bouquets Apt for All Occasions

Flowers have been associated with us since the beginning of time, to express our feelings, may be in the happiest or most emotional moments or simply to beautify our surroundings.
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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Flowers can be used in various forms, as a single cut flower or a bunch of flowers arranged in a typical way, for example ikebana (Japanese art of floral arrangement). Also, a specific flower is used to symbolize a country.
A nosegay is one of the most important types of flower arrangement used to celebrate special occasions. They are a round arrangement of cut flowers in a creative way and can be arranged using different flowers of varied colors. A bride carries a white one that is a symbol of traditional bridal style and elegance. It is also called a tussie-mussie or a posy.
Each of the flowers in a nosegay bouquet has a specific meaning such as lily stands for happiness and purity, roses signifies love and ivy represents fidelity. The original size of a nosegay is small, about 6-inch.
In general, a nosegay follows the usual shape of a round bouquet with densely filled flowers. It can be small, medium, or large. The most widely used flowers for nosegay bouquets are roses, carnations, iris, stephanotis, and daisies. It can be made either with only one type of flower or a combination of flowers. Green fill-ups and borders are used to make the arrangement more attractive.
Usually, a bride holds a large nosegay, whereas a bridesmaids and a flower girl carry smaller ones. There are certain ways of decorating a bridal bouquet. Some brides would like to keep the flower stems as they are without any decoration, while others prefer to wrap the stems with ribbons or lace to be more stylish. In such a case, one can tie a bow of suitable size and color to the stem. Nosegay bouquets are also used in weddings as centerpieces.
You can make a nosegay bouquet by yourself too. Start putting flowers in the vase and reshuffle them according to the preferable color combination. One can add green leafy fillings to create a contrasting color. Now, lift up the flowers carefully by gathering them together with both hands. Wrap the stems with a floral tape first and trim the stem as per the desirable length. One can also tie the stems with decorative cords or ribbons and an attractive bow to make it look more graceful. Try experimenting with a wide range of flowers with contrasting colors so that you can match them according to your taste and preference.
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