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Nosegay Bridal Bouquet

Nosegay Bridal Bouquet

Also called a tussie mussie, nosegay bouquets are round clusters of flowers that is perfect as a bridal bouquet. This write-up provides information on this style of flower arrangement.
Smita Pandit
For a woman, her wedding is the most special day of her life. She wants to feel and look her best as she walks down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown. With all eyes set on her, she must make sure every intricate detail is looked into. Surely a beautiful nosegay bridal bouquet would work wonders and make her entry even more elegant. So, as you walk gracefully in your wedding gown, make sure you select a bunch of aesthetically arranged bridal flowers to make you look even more beautiful.

Nosegay bouquets are beautiful floral arrangements that have been used since the 14th century, when the purpose of holding them was to mask unpleasant odor. These were also held by the brides during the Victorian times. Their popularity is revealed by the fact that they are still in vogue. Ranunculus, carnations, iris, daisies, lily, tulips, china berries, and roses are the popular choices for making these bouquets. It is sized at about 16 inches and the wedding flowers are packed together very closely with some greenery. The choice of flowers could depend upon your taste. You could also use lady's mantle, narcissi and ornamental kale and hydrangea. Being compact in size, these bouquets make a great choice as bride's throw bouquets. It is a sight to watch, when the bride tosses the bouquet in the air, and all the excited single women bounce to grab the beautiful bouquet. Be it the bride or the bridesmaid, all love to hold these beautiful wedding flower bouquets in their hands.

Meaningful Selection of Flowers

When arranging your wedding bouquet, you could decide whether you want it to have many types of flowers or just a bunch of a particular flower you have selected. In Victorian times, each flower that formed a part of the nosegay was symbolic of a particular emotion. Roses, even then, were a symbol of love and romance. If lilies were chosen for the bouquet, it was meant to evoke the emotions of purity and mirth. Ivy was a choice for those who cherished loyalty as an ideal. The bouquet added meaning to the wedding ceremony and signified deep emotions. So, brides can refer to the flower meanings and send a deep and meaningful message to celebrate your love.

How to Shape the Wedding Bouquet

If you are all set to hold a nosegay bouquet, the good news is, shaping this bouquet is not that tedious a task. The first thing you need to do, is to make the decision regarding the flowers. Select something that would go well with your gown. You could base your choice by considering the shape, size, or the fragrance of the flowers. You could also select different types of flowers but make sure they look pleasing to the eye when you put them in a bunch. To send out a message, research about the meaning of various flowers. Get rid of any thorns the flower might have.
  • Make a bunch of flowers, holding all the stems together uniformly.
  • To make a round bouquet, the flowers in the middle should protrude a little.
  • The stems of the flowers on the outer side should be pulled down gently.
  • Add just a dash of green if you want, but remember, too much green could rob the bouquet of the desired look.
  • The bouquet should be compact and the flowers must be tightly bunched; it must not be loose.
  • Since you would be holding it in your hand, you must view yourself and decide if you need a bigger or a smaller bouquet.
  • The stems should be long enough for you to hold it comfortably in your hand.
  • Put a wire or a floral tape that will hold the stems together and maintain the round shape of the bouquet.
  • Cover the wire properly so as to prevent any accidental damage to your gown.
  • Cut the stems neatly, maintaining the desired length that will make the bouquet comfortable enough for you to hold.
  • Cover and wrap up the entire length of the stems.
  • Now is the time to be imaginative. So, find the artistic streak in you. Make your bouquet attractive and embellish it using laces and ribbons.
Let the wedding flowers create a beautiful aura around you. Blossom like a flower and look your best as you hold the delicate wedding bouquet in your hands.
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