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Offbeat Wedding Shoe Ideas

Offbeat Wedding Shoe Ideas
Traditional wedding shoes are so passé! Make a statement with offbeat wedding shoes and revel in the sheer glee.
Sujata Iyer
"These days, wedding shoes make a real fashion statement. No one wants a cookie-cutter look."
― Anna Pezik, Senior Editor, Brides
There are three things that a bride looks for in her wedding shoes. Style, style, and style. OK. That might be a tad exaggerated. But there's no overlooking the fact that more and more brides are opting for shoes that are more individualistic than traditional. And while style is still a key factor that they consider while picking a pair, they're veering towards options that are unorthodox, yet befitting their overall appearance on the wedding day. This article will take you into this world of offbeat wedding shoes.
Restyled Sneakers
wedding sneakers
Shoes are probably one of the main factors that determine the mood of the blushing bride on the big day. You may wear shoes that look like (and probably also cost) a million bucks, but if you're going to be on your feet for a major portion of the day, it only makes sense to wear shoes that are comfortable. That doesn't necessarily mean they need to be boring. Fancy up a pair of sneakers like shown in the images here: use colored laces, add some sparkle, or pick one in gold or silver. They're cute, they're practical, and they're perfect for every aspect of the wedding, from walking down the aisle, to standing during the entire ceremony, to dancing at the reception.
Flip-flops and Sandals
flip flops and sandals
So, you're going to be a beach bride, is it? You simply can-not wear a pair of exquisite pumps and end up twisting an ankle 'coz the heel kept sinking into the sand. Welcome refurbished flip-flops and sandals that can make you look like the ethereal bride that you want to be. Make them sparkle with something as simple as a bunch of beads and stones, add some color with a big flower, or just pick a comfy pair in a color you like. There are so many things you can do, that you'll be spoiled for choice.
Comfy Flats
flat shoes for weddding
Flat wedding shoes, as opposed to their high-heeled counterparts, have a number of benefits. They help even out the height difference if the groom is shorter than the bride. They're comfortable to the moon and back. They're perfect for a bride who's aiming for a dainty look. They're available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. They can be as easily glammed up as any other shoe on this list. Need we say more?
Chic Boots
boots for wedding
Wanna do something totally crazy? Wanna watch your guests' jaws drop? Or maybe you just want to have a ranch wedding? Whatever reason you can come up with, use it to flaunt gorgeous boots with your wedding dress. Stylish, sexy, and warm―these are three things any bride wants her wedding shoes to be. Boots are all these needs answered. Go berserk with colors, patterns, material, and length. Just savor the whimsical value that they'll add to your ensemble!
Colored Shoes
Colored Shoes
You're contemplating doing something unconventional, but don't want to give up on quintessential wedding shoes. Colored wedding shoes are the answer for you. They're quirky, but don't go overboard while they're at it. The only difference between them and traditional wedding shoes is the color. The images here highlight the best colors for wedding shoes, keeping in mind that they'll contrast the breathtaking white of your wedding dress beautifully. For brides who're clueless about their something blue, you have a winner here!
Kitschy Stuff
printed shoes for wedding
For the bride who doesn't give a hoot about what the world thinks, here are some fabulous ideas for offbeat wedding shoes. This is your ultimate chance to experiment with your shoes. Get a pair of plain pumps and glam it up by sticking rhinestones. Printed shoes are the rage, so if you want something seriously quirky, these are perfect for you.
Before you run off and get yourselves a pair, pay heed to these tips.
  • Keep the weather in mind when deciding on shoes. Monsoon and winter weddings call for boots. For summer and fall, you can do with flip-flops or sandals.
  • Along with the weather, the location too affects the feasibility of your shoes. So, remember to factor that in as well.
  • If you buy a pair of shoes that are going to cause you discomfort after a while, have a pair of comfortable ones as backup.
  • Break into your shoes at least 3 weeks before the wedding to ensure prolonged comfort.
  • Pick a heel height you're comfortable with. For example, if you're not accustomed to wearing stilettos, opt for kitten heels or wedges.