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Opal Engagement Rings

Opal Engagement Rings: How to Choose a Stunning Ring and Care for It

Opal engagement rings are the perfect choice for people who are looking for something different to mark the occasion of their engagement. After all, a special occasion demands something exquisitely special.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
An engagement marks the beginning of a beautiful journey that two people will start together. It's no surprise then that people wish to make their engagement even more special by procuring unique engagement rings for the occasion.
opal ring
One such type--something that is bound to look breathtaking and become the talk of the engagement party is an opal engagement ring. These are beautiful and unique in nature due to the wide variety of colors that they are available in.
White opals
Also, this is the October birthstone, so if both partners happen to share their birthdays in the month of October, then getting this type of ring would be the ideal thing.
Rings that Contain Opal
Opal Ring
The opal is a relatively versatile gemstone--not only does it come in many colors that range from black to orange, but is available in various shapes like oval, cushion cut and heart as well.
The stone is relatively soft and does not have a very rigid crystalline structure. When making a choice of ring, you can opt for an opal solitaire ring or a ring that has the stone set in different metals, ranging from white gold to silver. The beauty of this stone can also be accentuated by having it set in the midst of other stones--like with diamonds.
Choosing the Ring
Make sure that the stone is polished and has no visible cracks or surface irregularities. Choose one that has rounded edges--this will ensure that it does not break easily. If you are willing to buy an expensive ring, then a stone which has a stronger and deeper color with clear distinctive hues is a better choice to make, compare to a dull and pale stone.
Caring for Opal Rings
Caring for opal jewelry is extremely important because it is very delicate in nature. Being soft, an excess of heat, cold or even moisture could damage the stone.
Make sure to take off the ring when doing household chores, and keep it away from makeup because even fine amounts of makeup could prove to be abrasive for the stone. As an added precaution, store your opal ring in a separate box from other jewelry.
If you want to buy this ring from an online jeweler, it is better to do your bit of homework to ensure that the gem is genuine and is not broken when delivered, because the last thing you'd want is to take a risk like that when it comes to something as special as your engagement ring.