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Organize a Wedding According to the Plot of the Movie “Twilight"

Cheryl Hearts Nov 13, 2019
Few remained indifferent to the extraordinary love story of the simple girl Bella and the handsome vampire Edward from the famous Twilight movie.
When the cinemas showed the part where the long-awaited wedding of Edward and Bella took place, most wedding organizing agencies and wedding salons immediately included a theme wedding on the plot of this vampire saga in their price list.
So, if you decide for yourself that your wedding will be organized exactly in this style, then you should make a script in advance. This can be done both independently, but at the same time take into account all the possible details, or contact the wedding agency, where professionals will do everything for you.
Believe me, your holiday can be as unforgettable as this love story itself! And in this story, we will tell you what to focus on and how to organize a wedding in the style of a romantic and exciting story from the movie "Twilight".
The first thing to consider is that even with the presence of vampires in the film, there is nothing gloomy in it. On the contrary, a wedding in the style of the Twilight blockbuster should literally breathe luxury, romance and here you can not do without vintage details.

Where do you want to have a Twilight wedding?

Wedding in the style of the fashionable film "Twilight" Of course, the venue for the wedding should be located in the open air, i.e. You need a forest, garden, park, etc. Moss and fresh flowers should serve as a path to the altar.
When making a wedding ceremony, you can use all shades of purple and green. These colors look especially beautiful in the evening after the sun sets over the horizon.

Wedding colors
An excellent option for a wedding celebration is the movie "Twilight". When decorating any thematic wedding, the most important moment is its color scheme.
Of course, a vampire wedding is almost impossible without the use of black. It should not be much, but this color should not be completely absent either. Look for a compromise and think about how you can successfully combine black, white and red colors. One of the colors of the Twilight style wedding is the choice of the following colors: green, beige, white

Decoration of the venue for the celebration and the whole wedding

Modern fashion: a wedding according to the script of the movie "Twilight" When decorating banquet tables, it is best to use green and white colors.
So on the rustling snow-white tablecloths, vases, glasses and plates made of green glass will look great. In green vases, you can put small bouquets of white flowers, and as a landing card, you can use real green apples with the names of guests carved on them. It will look very stylish and unusual!
Design invitations for guests in the retro style. Let the text be located on a special stylized paper, which is decorated with "antique" monograms. The same style should be followed when designing a pillow on which wedding rings will lie. And remember, all accessories must be made in the same style.

Wedding Dresses of the Bride and Groom

At any wedding, there is nothing more important than the dresses of the newlyweds. In the movie itself, the beautiful Bella was dressed in a delightful silk dress by Carolina Herrera. The dress is the very embodiment of sophistication, sensuality, style.
But even if you do not have the opportunity to purchase an analog from this famous designer, you can always order it by tailoring in the studio. A special detail of Bella's dress is a tight-fitting silhouette and an open back covered only with transparent fabric and lace. In addition, the dress is complemented by a long veil.
In addition to accessories that complement the image of a beautiful bride, one should not forget about her hairstyle and makeup. In the film, the heroine Kristen Stewart married her beloved with a simple hairstyle, which consists of two braids, braided on the sides and hair gathered below.
When doing makeup, it is important to focus on perfect skin color. The rest you need to adhere to natural shades, i.e. Use light lip gloss and subtle shadows.

The vampire groom can opt for a black dress coat or tuxedo of the same color. The whole male half of the participants in the celebration should also look approximately the same.
We also recommend that you focus on the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere of the celebration with candles, luminous garlands, lanterns, etc.
Undoubtedly, a wedding decorated in the style of “Twilight” will literally transfer all its participants to an amazing world where love defeats everyone and makes them feel as if they were in the heart of the events of this amazing love story!
The story was prepared with the help of Smith Ganden from Alltopsiteslike.com, whose girl very much wanted a wedding in the style of the Twilight movie.