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Original Wedding Vows

Original Wedding Vows

A wedding is considered to be incomplete without the bride and groom exchanging wedding vows. These vows symbolize the love and commitment of the couple towards each other. This article lists some tips on writing your own original wedding vows.
Dhanya Joy
A wedding is a symbol of the love and commitment that two people share with each other. It binds two people together in a relationship that calls for acceptance, understanding, faith, and undying love for each other. The wedding vows symbolize everlasting promises that secure the bond between the two people. The tradition of wedding vows dates back to the times when marriage was not only a commitment between two people, but a commitment between a village and a person. Writing your own vows is a great way of putting forward your sentiments and feelings to your beloved.

How to Write the Vows

Writing wedding vows should be considered an essential part of the wedding preparations. If you are not creatively-inclined, you may not be able to pen down the exact sentiments that you want to convey. The task might get quite confusing. But remember, your vows need not be a poem or an elaborate sonnet, they can be simple and yet touching. They should reflect how you feel about your spouse-to-be, and everything that you will do to keep him/her happy. Here are a few points that will help you write your vows.
  • Start writing the vows individually, and then you can also work with your spouse-to-be to write some of them.
  • The first is to give your relationship a good thought. Jot down all the special things that you have done together, and the moments and gestures that made you both feel special.
  • Write down everything that you love about your partner, or the qualities that you like in him/her.
  • Make a list of adjectives that describe your relationship. Using these adjectives, pen down around five points that elaborate your sentiments towards your spouse-to-be and your relationship.
  • Add a few lines about the kind of future you see with him/her and everything that you would like to do for your partner.
  • You can also elaborate the significance of your partner in your life, and why you chose him/her to spend your entire life with.
  • Once you are done with the above points, make a list of the promises that you want to make. For this, you can either modify or personalize some of the traditional vows.
  • The next step would be to read out the vows that you have penned down to your partner. Discuss what you liked about each others' vows and if you would like to add or edit certain things. Decide whether you would like to read out the vows yourselves or would like the wedding officiant to read them out.
  • You can also discuss the marriage vows with a family member or trusted friend, and make use of their suggestions for some improvements. You can do this if you would like to surprise your spouse-to-be with your vows on the wedding day.
  • The most important step would be to practice delivering the vows so that you are confident about conveying them on the big day.
The vows you write are unique and exclusive to your relationship. There is no better way to begin a new life with your beloved. Be sure to add all that you want to convey to him/her, because you never know when will you find a better occasion to do so again.