Trendy Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Ideas You'll Go Gaga Over

Ostrich Feathers for Centerpieces
Buying ostrich feathers for centerpieces might not be a cake walk as you imagined. Buy only the good ones. Avoid sparse feathers, as they might get torn any day. Fluffy and glossy are excellent for centerpieces, but can be a bit expensive. If it's a wedding centerpiece that you are making, then keep it white and serene. Don't make it overlarge and clumsy, it might just blotch your whole wedding decorations.
Ostrich is one big bird that is dangerous to catch by normal mortals. Even more, if you are trying to pluck its feathers. So, the next best option you have is to buy these feathers from the stores. Well, you have to, if you are stuck by the latest mania of ostrich feathers for centerpieces.
Types of Ostrich Feathers
People often get confused between drab feathers and plumes of ostrich. Drabs are thinner and shorter than plume feathers. If you are on a tight budget, then drabs serve as the best alternative to plumes. You can avail them in sizes from 8 to 9 inches and even as tall as 22 inches. Best suited for small or medium-sized centerpieces, drab feathers create a rounded and flossy effect. As drabs have a thin quills and droopy tips, they can be easily used for tower vase centerpieces.
Plumes have thick quills and their tips dip downwards, making it an elegant choice for centerpieces. These feathers are fluffier and range from 20 to 30 inches in length. Retailers wash and fumigate the feathers to give them a more fuller effect. Plumes are also dyed in different colors so that they can be used for table decor, showgirl headresses, costumes, hats, etc.
As the name suggests, floss are quite flossy to begin with. It has a tinge of darker shade as they are dyed over their natural color. They are perfect for Gothic or Victorian decorations. They can be 14" to 18'' lengthwise and 15 pieces can be used in a centerpiece. The feathers do not have any stiffness and so they don't look straight unlike other ostrich feathers.
Femina feathers of an ostrich are large plumes with long thick quills. They can give a broader effect to the centerpieces. 10 to 15 femina feathers are enough to give a larger than life image to your centerpiece. The length of femina feathers vary from 18 to 30 inches and the width can be up to 9 inches. Combination of femina and other ostrich feathers makes an awesome display!
How to Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces?
Once you decide which type of ostrich feathers you want, making a centerpiece out of them is not as hard as it seems. You can dye the feathers or else buy some dyed feathers directly. However, most people opt for white or off-white feathers. Of late, ostrich feather wedding centerpieces have created quite a rage among bridezillas who are rushing to the stores to buy these exquisite plumes. This has inadvertently skyrocketed the prices of these feathers. So all those people who are on a budget may want to create their own centerpiece and save a few bucks.

First of all, get the right kind of feather. Once that is done, buy a straight handle bouquet holder and a nice long vase, preferably an Eiffel tower vase. Even long neck vases would do. Get some floralyte or light ups too, so that your centerpiece will not only look beautiful, but also illuminate.

Now that you have everything you need for making feather centerpiece, all you have to do is to place the ostrich plumes on the bouquet holder from down to up. Do it carefully, as ostrich feathers can break easily and your money can easily go down the drain. Work bottom to top while placing the feathers, so that it looks like a palm tree on completion. Place the bouquet holder inside the vase. Add light-ups or floralyte for a pleasant lighting effect. And voila! Your centerpiece is ready. Now you can be the talk of the town by making this exquisite thing for your home.