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Pearl Necklaces for Brides

How to Give Brides a Heavenly Beautiful Look With Pearl Necklaces

Getting hitched this season? For the bride-to-be, what's more than a token of sheer bliss with some of the extravagant pearl necklaces for brides. Have a look...
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
'She walks down with grace, with every vision charmed by her aura. Her heart beats a million thoughts, and the closest glitter to her feelings is a pearl that embraces her beautiful heart!'

Did you just imagine yourself walking down the aisle while you read these lines? If yes, you definitely savor the perfect taste for bridal accessories this season. Undoubtedly, pearls have their crown for bridal jewelry this season. They make a royal statement with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, veils, tiaras, and more. Your wedding day is one of the most awaited and memorable day of your life, you cherish it forever. The bride is the highlight of the ceremony, so a perfect look is most important for her. From the bridal gown to jewelry, all demands a lot more than just shopping. Bridal pearl jewelry is a rich and classic way to pamper your complete look. Necklaces and earrings for brides and much more in bridal pearl jewelry are in vogue with many designers. With a gorgeous and soft effect on your neckline, and with the fact that they come in different colors and lengths, some unique pearl necklaces can get you the perfect match to go with your bridal image. You have the dress and the shoes to make a perfect high too, so now it's time to complement your neckline with some pearls and shimmer.

Pearl Necklaces for Women

With diamonds and other stones, even pearls make a rosy way to a woman's heart. And when it is the bride, these pearls make more than just jewelry. Pearls come in various varieties and qualities. You have salt water pearls, freshwater pearls, and also faux pearls that impress with ease. Pearl jewelry is designed with Akoya pearls, black pearls, south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, and more. They make an organic and lustrous appeal, and for the best of bridal jewelry, make sure you wind a necklace made with one of these.

Color, Size and Luster
There are different types of pearls that come in different colors and luster. Right from the classic hues of white and ivory, they also come in black, gold, silver, green and blue. Also look for the overtones or luster in a pearl. An overtone will be translucent colors and hues on the main body color of the pearl. This is where your vision for glaze and glow on the pearl is webbed. They also come in various sizes that match every taste for royal jewelry.

Types of Pearl Necklaces for Brides
Pearl necklaces come in various types, like: Dog Collar- this necklace wraps several strands of pearls around the neck. For strapless, V-neck and plunging necklines, this style adds thick beauty. Princess Necklaces- they come in lengths of 17 to 19 inches. They make the most versatile type of bridal pearl necklaces. Perfect for high neckline bridal gowns. Matinee Pearl Necklaces- they come in a length of 20 to 25 inches, a perfect rest above your bust line, that will give a gracious look, and can enhance the look of high neck lines too. They can even be worn in double straps like a choker, that rests on the base of the throat. Opera Pearl Necklaces- they are the classic style of necklaces for brides. They go very well with high necklines, and can be wrapped around the neck in double strands for a more appealing look. Pearl Rope Necklaces- these are long in length, that give you an option to create flowing pearls and designs on a sensuous halter and backless top. You can drape these pearls around the neck or shoulder, and also let it fall straight on your back. The price depends on the type and quality of pearls, along with the design.

Tips on Choosing Pearl Necklace Sets for Brides

One can consult a professional when buying expensive pearls. For a more creative and glittery look, you can add a few other metals and gems in the necklace along with the pearls.
  • Choose a pearl necklace that suits your body frame. It should also go with your wedding gown. Do not make a wardrobe of yourself by loading a heavy dress along with a heavy pearl set. Keep it balanced.
  • Choose the pearl necklace also considering the age, height and other factors.
  • The length of the necklace is very important. The necklace should rest at least 1 inch above or below the neckline. The length should not be the same as of the neckline.
  • It is alright to choose pearls different than the usual white and ivory color. Check what color suits you the most and reflects light on your face. Go for that color as long as it complements your gown.
  • Choose other accessories accordingly. Make sure they support the glamorous look after putting them together on the wedding day.
Charm all those eager eyes with a stunning look in pearls. As you make the promises, exchange the vows and rings, give him more reason to love you, for the beautiful you, and for the beautiful pearls embracing you!
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