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Picnic Wedding Ideas

Picnic Wedding Ideas
Surprise everyone with your out-of-the-box thinking, by having a picnic themed wedding! Read on for some creative picnic wedding ideas, which will help you plan a unique day for yourself, your partner, as well as all the invitees at your wedding.
Aastha Dogra
So, the D day has arrived? Now, there is no looking back!!! If you are getting all worked up, nervy and stressed, with the thought of spending your whole life with just one man / woman, a classic, traditional wedding, where everyone's eyes are on you, can further make you a nervous wreck! So why not give such a wedding a miss and instead plan something more casual, something that makes you feel free, something that is so you, on your wedding day? In short, how about planning your wedding like a picnic? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?
Picnic Theme Wedding Ideas
The best thing about a picnic wedding, besides the feeling of freedom and casualness it offers, is the low budget on which it can be planned. For one, you do not need a wedding venue! No booking of a banquet months in advance, no need of spending huge bucks on expensive hall decorations, no need to hire a caterer to supply lavish food, nothing! Since the wedding is planned after a picnic, think of all the places where you can go and keep the same as your wedding venue! Public parks, gardens, your own backyard, rooftop, a hilltop, beach - you can have a wedding anywhere!
Since it's a picnic wedding, you can take all the liberties, such as instead of keeping the tables, you can actually have picnic blankets for the guests to sit on! You can add a few decorative cushions and pillows to the blankets for comfort and style. This will look cool, funky, and lend an all together different aura to your wedding! However, if you are planning to keep the seating on the ground, mention it on your invitations, so that the guests come dressed appropriately! Otherwise, if you feel that blankets are a bit too casual, opt for wooden tables. As for the centerpieces for the tables, be creative and use things like picnic baskets, a bouquet of wildflowers, canning jars, bonsai plants, etc., and come up with your own unique table decorations.
The menu should be a simple affair. Hotdogs, barbecues, fruit and vegetable salads, trays of cheese, macaroni, sandwiches, different varieties of breads, apple pies, cupcakes, watermelon slices - these are some of the food items that can be a part of the wedding menu. Complement these ideas with appropriate beverages like ice tea, lemonade, sodas, mocktails and cocktails.
A unique idea for arranging the cutlery and glasses at a picnic wedding is to have them placed on a number of wicker baskets. This fun way of arranging the cutlery is sure not to go unnoticed by your guests! And as far as the food is concerned, enthrall your guests by getting a basket of food and a pitcher of lemonade delivered at each blanket. The guests can themselves serve food to their family, like is usually done during family picnics!
As for the entertainment part, keep a few interesting games like musical chairs, passing the parcel and Chinese whispers! Both the kids and adults will immensely enjoy such games. You can even keep some loose balls here and there, for your invitees to play and have fun with. Another interesting idea is to have a photo booth installed, where the families can get their snaps clicked together, with the couple!
  • For the wedding favors, you can consider giving the invitees a bouquet of wildflowers or a small fruit basket. Planting seeds are a good choice too.
  • Keep the wedding dress casual. A knee-length, off-shoulder wedding dress, with flat slippers or sandals, will look good on the bride. The bridegroom can opt for a printed shirt and a pair of loose cotton pants.
  • At the wedding venue, keep a few inflatable chairs handy, for the guests who feel uncomfortable sitting on the picnic blankets.
  • In the invitations, mention to your guests to carry accessories like a hat, sunscreen, umbrella and paper fans. You can provide your guests with some of these items too.
As you can see, there is so much and at the same time, so little that you need to do, in order to replicate the above suggested ideas! A picnic wedding is fun, and ideal for those who have an adventurous streak! So if this defines you, go right ahead and plan a playful wedding for yourself!
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