Beautiful Pillar Candle Centerpieces to Add a Dash of Elegance

Pillar Candle Centerpieces
Pillar candle centerpieces can add a dash of elegance to even the most plain looking table! How can you use one to beautify your own table? Read on to find out.
Wedessence Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
From providing light to humans before electricity was discovered, to becoming an intimate table decoration, candles have come a long way. Evolving in form and texture, candles are one of the most chic items in the decoration arena today. And among the different types of candles, pillar candles have a way of attracting a lot of attention at special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and of course, weddings! Read this article to know more about how you can create your own spectacular pillar candle centerpieces to adorn wedding tables.

Ideas for Pillar Candle Centerpieces for Weddings

The tables for guests during a wedding reception are one of the key elements in defining the taste and level of sophistication at a wedding. So it's obvious that the tables have to be impeccably ornamented with the loveliest decorations. Pillar candle centerpieces are one such embellishment. Given below are some fabulous ideas to smarten those wedding tables with centerpieces.

*Tip: Before you decide on the centerpiece, you need to decide whether you want a theme for the wedding. If you have a theme, it will be better to have centerpieces that are in tune with the color scheme of the wedding. If not, then you can carry on with some neutral candle centerpiece ideas which look classy as well.

The Color of Love: Red is the eternal color of love. So, it's not surprising that most women would choose red or some shade of red as a theme for their wedding decorations.

What You'll Need
Medium-sized to tall white pillar candles, black metal pillar candle holders, thin red satin ribbons, red glitter tube, white pearl colored pins, white and red roses and transparent medium-sized glass bowls (according to the number of candles).

How to Make it
Wrap the red satin ribbons around the candles leaving a gap of one finger between each turn. Use the pins to keep the ribbons in place. In the gaps between the ribbons, use the glitter tube to write the names of the bride and groom. This adds a personalized touch to the candles. Place these candles on the candle holders. Fill water in all the glass bowls (half-full) and arrange the candle holders in them. Punctuate the gaps in the water by alternating the red and white roses. Also, tie a red ribbon just below the rim of the bowl. Repeat this with all the other bowls that you have, place them at the center of the table and you have one of the most gorgeous red wedding centerpieces!

Silver and White: No woman looks prettier than when in her white wedding gown. Using white, the color of peace as a wedding theme is also a brilliant idea! Let's see how you can make a nice centerpiece for this theme.

What You'll Need
White pillar candles, white or silver pillar candle holders, small white thermocol balls, silver lace, glue and silver or transparent glass trays.

How to Make it
Glue the silver lace around the length of the white candles. Place the candles on the candle holders, and put them in the tray. Fill the tray with the white thermocol balls. Border the area around the trays with the silver lace to prevent people from touching the thermocol balls. You can substitute thermocol balls with white flower petals in case of an outdoor seating arrangement.

Bohemian Bash: If you want to add a whip of color to your wedding decorations, have a Bohemian themed pillar candle centerpiece. Here's how you make it.

What You'll Need
Pillar candles of different colors and lengths, black pillar candle holders (small round), sequins that match the candles, glue in tubes, thick sequined lace, ripe oranges and lemons.

How to Make it
Stick the sequins on the candles using the glue tubes. You may or may not want to match the color of the sequins with the candles. That's entirely your call. Leave them to dry. In the meantime, tie large bows around the diameter of the candle holders, using the sequined lace. Once the sequins are stuck and dry, place the candles on the holders. Arrange the holders close to each other in any formation you wish. In any gaps that you may find, place the oranges and lemons alternately.

Nature's Bounty: Use a rustic themed pillar candle centerpiece at your wedding to thank God for the bounty that he has bestowed upon you!

What You'll Need
Cream pillar candles (small size), brown metal pillar candle holders, long and short wheat stalks, golden ribbons, glue, strings of golden beads and cream satin table mat.

How to Make it
Wrap the golden ribbons around the cream candles with glue. Place the satin mat at the center of the table. Place the candles in the holders and arrange them in a semicircle, slightly away from each other. Run the string of golden beads in and out of the gaps between the candles. Place the wheat stalks within the semicircle to complete the decoration. Casually place some golden beads between the wheat stalks as well.

These were some ideas that you can use to spiffy up those tables at your wedding. Go ahead and try them out and I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Have a lovely wedding!
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