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Planning a Wedding on a Small Budget

Kundan Pandey Mar 14, 2019
Planning a wedding on a small budget is a nice idea to save your hard-earned money. Even an inexpensive wedding can be elegant, romantic, and give you unforgettable memories. Read on, to know more on planning a cheap wedding.
Are you going to tie a knot with your loved one, but you don't want to be crazy and spend your hefty salary just for a ceremony of a few hours? Well, in an economic crisis, a 'recession marriage' isn't a bad idea (pun intended).
After all, you need to save money for your future. And, who said only expensive weddings can be memorable? With a planned approach and application, you can manage your wedding in a limited budget and also get a royal experience of a lifetime.
The crux of this information is to guide you on planning a budget wedding. Ideas, they say rule the world and your ceremony can be simple but beautiful. It all depends on how creatively you plan, and execute your ideas. Planning a cheap wedding can be fun and exciting, as it gives you a unique opportunity to brainstorm and unleash your hidden creativity.
Here are the few ideas that you can consider, when your budget is low and you're planning to marry.

Deciding the Venue

Choosing the perfect location, on a small budget, need not be a daunting task. Instead of inviting your friends to a luxurious hotel and lounges, you can check out for some local parks.
You can request park authorities to allow you to decorate the park. You can lighten up the place with decorative bulbs and lights. These are inexpensive and lend an amazing effect.
Decorate the park trees, as if you are decorating a Christmas tree. Keep things simple! Include flowers, flower pots, and bouquets. If you don't have enough flowers, then ask your neighbors and friends to contribute!
Visit a local nursery for buying cheap seasonal flowers. Even the serene environment of the park can give you a nice feeling of bonding with your soulmate, so don't go overboard with the decorations.
Normally, a local park can cost you $50 to $60 for the entire day. Try to maintain the hygiene and clean up the area, club, and park at the end of the day. This will help the park authorities and show that you are a responsible citizen!
Select the place that can easily accommodate the number of people you are going to invite. If the month you are getting married, is full of adverse weather conditions then, prefer opting an indoor hall of a medium hotel. To reduce transportation cost, select an area near your city.

Music and Entertainment

Shakespeare has rightly said that "If music be the food of love, play on." Any wedding can't be complete without good background music. Soulful and entertaining music can create a classic difference to the atmosphere of the ceremony.
Try downloading your favorite songs on a CD and play it on the wedding day. Instead of running in music stores and picking up the latest hits, narrow down your search by just downloading songs at your home and play those songs. Try to include a mix of various music styles.
Play some instrumental music in the background when the guests are having drinks and dishes. Keep some hip-hop and pop music for the dance ceremony.
Do not hire photographers and elevate the budget cost. Request some of your friends to take the pictures and videos from the digital and handy cameras that you must be having. You can even hire the cameras from the electronic shops for a day. This can be fun and interesting, as your friends can snap few moments that even a professional photographer can't!
Request the guests and friends to sing songs and honor the couple. If any of your friends is a DJ, then don't hesitate to request him/her to show his skills on your wedding. Musicians and orchestra bands will obviously cost you much more than you expect so try something different and unique.

Decorations and Catering

Include your friends and families in the wedding decorations. The catering, is sure to make maximum percentage of your budget. However, if you plan the food and wine that you are going to serve before the wedding, this task can be simple.
Request your local vendor to supply you vegetables and other materials at wholesale prices, so that you can try to make some recipes on your own!
Well, don't be scared, ask your friends who are good at cooking, to help you out in this process. You can also serve a budget-size wedding cake that's easy on your pocket. Remember that the invitations are sent only to a selected few and not to everyone.
If you are cutting down on expenses then you have to compromise on fronts like these too. By doing this, you can easily manage to serve your guests well without any discomfort.

Wedding Dresses

It's a dream of every girl to wear the most beautiful gown for her wedding, but if you can't purchase an expensive gown, then you needn't worry. There are many shops that offer wedding gowns on rental basis.
Even the guy can rent suits and complement their lady in dressing sense! However, the best idea is to try some simple and adorable dresses that suit the couple. Such dresses can be brought at fair prices from the local shops.
Planning a wedding on a budget is a novel idea and can be more interesting than a luxurious one. The saved money can give you a chance to fly away to some exotic honeymoon destinations and give you some cherished memories for your life. Do experience it!