Plus-size Bridesmaid Dresses

Plus-size bridesmaid dresses are no longer dull and boring. Look at the recent collection of wedding wear and you are sure to find a wide variety in most flattering styles in plus-size dresses for fuller figures. Here's more about the picks in this category.
Wedessence Staff
Being plus-size doesn't mean that you are left with fewer options in lovely dresses. If you are looking for dresses for your full-figured bridesmaids then you need to pick the right styles that will help them stay comfortable and look charming. Let me tell you that designers are not at all ignoring the fuller figures while designing wedding wear and have a good collection in all styles designed for them as well. Of course this ensures that bridesmaids need not have a tough time searching for the right size and then a well-designed outfit in the section.
Bridesmaid Dress Patterns
Flowy Fabrics
Before you look at the styles in plus-size bridesmaid dresses, here are the details of fabrics that you must opt for. Fabrics play a major role in the pattern of a dress and the way it fits on your body. While soft and flowy fabrics stay against your body, forming the best tight-fitting outfits, the stiff ones like organza are popularly used for balloon styles dresses. Fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk, Georgette, and sheath satin are lovely picks for fuller figures. You can also grab the soft linen or matte fabrics. Let me tell you, though tulle and organza are types of fabric which blow up, these can work best if you want to add a beautiful overlay to the gowns.
Necklines and Sleeves
Choosing the right necklines is another important part of designing pretty dresses. Let me tell you that necklines and sleeves are the most prominent sections of a dress. One thing that you must keep in mind while picking the dresses in plus-sizes is that you must completely avoid the off-shoulder or even the on/off shoulder designs. There are plenty of options in necklines and sleeve patterns to be checked out which can create beautiful looking dresses for fuller figures. Go for the sweetheart neckline or the sophisticated 'V' or a deep 'V' neckline which look beautiful. A wide halter style is also a good pick if you are looking for a glamorous neck pattern. Strapless dresses and wrap styled bodice in sleeveless pattern are quite popular styles. A wide strapless pattern, adorned with short cap sleeves offers a cute style for a long gown. Avoid full sleeves or even the ¾th sleeve pattern.
Dress Styles
Full-length gowns in straight fit are a good pick. Knee length strapless dresses with lace shrugs make beautiful outfit for bridesmaids. Another style is going for the two piece gowns with pinched pleats at waist and a little flare at the end. Empire waist and strapless gowns with pleats at this raised waistline can look great on silk fabrics. Dark colors like navy blue, purple, bright ocean blue, wine, magenta, plum, latte, crimson look beautiful and create a slimming effect as well. Light colors like banana, rose, blush, ice blue, lavender, lilac, mint give a soft feminine touch to the dresses. Shades of blue, dark browns, or greenish gray are most suitable.
The plus-size section has undergone a major change in recent years. Unlike the loose and ill-fitting dresses was filled with, today you can find most flattering and voguish outfits on the racks for helping the fuller figures dress up a stylish way. With the aforementioned tips on suitable outfits for fuller bridesmaids, I am sure that you are ready to shop for the best looking and trendy dress. All the best!