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Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dresses

Sheetal Mandora Sep 30, 2018
Even though a wedding puts huge amounts of highlights over the bride and groom, oftentimes the mother of the bride as well, the mother of the groom shouldn't be forgotten. In order to present yourself in style and elegance, here's we will provide you with various choices...
"Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady."
― Edith Head
While selecting wedding gowns, a few things are extremely important to keep in mind: style, comfort, and color. Once you have these things taken care of, adding the accessories like makeup, shoes, jewelry, etc., will be a piece of cake.
What you need to look for while shopping for wedding dresses is attractive designs, quality of the dress, price, and of course, whether or not it suits your body type.
It is essential to grace your son's wedding with poise, charm, elegance, and class. After all, this day isn't going to come again and the memories you create here will last a lifetime. Hence, we are here to help you shop for flattering plus size dresses depending on diverse body types.
* The images given here are for representation purposes in order to under the style of dresses for the occasion.

Apple Figure

Women with apple-shaped figure tend to have larger bust size with undefined waistline. Their shoulders are broad as compared to their hips.
What to Look For

⦿ Draw attention away from waist
⦿ Draw attention away from mid-section
⦿ Full support for bust area
⦿ Gowns with sleeves and/or wide straps
⦿ Gowns with V-neckline/empire neckline
⦿ Dark, deep colors and small patterns
⦿ Matte silk and crepe fabric

Pear Figure

Pear-shaped women have wider hips than bust. The top-half, that is the bust line and shoulders, are comparatively smaller.
What to Look For

⦿ Draw attention away from lower body
⦿ Gowns with broad necklines
⦿ Draw attention to bust area
⦿ Solid colors: red and magenta
⦿ Dark, deep colors on bottom of dress

Circle Figure

Circle or round-shaped women have larger waist with small shoulder and thighs. Their shape is very similar to an apple-shaped woman.
What to Look For

⦿ Draw attention away from waist
⦿ Bring attention towards upper body
⦿ Halter top gowns
⦿ Darker shades of colors
⦿ Two tones of colors, darker on bottom
⦿ Focus gets lost between 2 halves
⦿ Choose fabric which is heavier at bottom

Rectangle Figure

Rectangular-shaped women have shoulders and hips of the same width. They have a balanced figure which looks quite straight from top to bottom.
What to Look For

⦿ Gowns that create curves
⦿ Gowns with bow around the waist
⦿ Gowns with embellishments/beads
⦿ Gowns with jacket
⦿ Gowns that make you look curvy
⦿ Dark colors: blue, maroon, sea green

Hourglass Figure

Hourglass-shaped women are very lucky. The waist is smaller and well-defined, and are in proportion with the shoulders and thighs.
What to Look For

⦿ Draw attention to your curves
⦿ Draw attention to hips and bust
⦿ Gowns which hug your body
⦿ Use fabric that wraps around your body
⦿ Gowns that conform to your body
⦿ All colors and fabric will suit
You can easily search for more ideas on plus size dresses for mother of the bride in magazines, bridal shops, and over the Internet. Select comfortable attire as it will be a long, tiring day for all. You would want to look elegant at all times, and not just in the beginning of the celebration.