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Reception Candy Buffet

Priya Johnson Sep 29, 2018
A reception candy buffet is a fantastic way to bring smiles on the faces of wedding guests. A table flooded with all kinds of candy treats is simply irresistible! We provides information about the various aspects to be kept in mind while planning a wedding candy buffet.
Candy buffets are the latest trend in wedding receptions today! Elaborate reception candy buffets add an extra touch of excitement and flair to the reception. They bring smiles on everybody's faces, irrespective of the age, and take them back to their childhood days. Scores of brides and grooms want to see candy towers at their wedding receptions.
Wedding candy buffets complement the wedding ambiance and provide guests with the chance to choose candies that tempt their taste buds. There are several candy buffet ideas that one can choose from. However, while organizing a wedding candy buffet, certain factors have to be kept in mind.

Candy Selection

The first step to organizing a reception candy buffet is to choose a theme for the buffet. Go with the wedding theme, or a color theme for the candy buffet. Wedding candy ideas inspired by color themes appear far more attractive than randomly chosen candies.
One can opt for the seaside splendor look, with green and blue candies, or the love theme comprising red; heart-shaped candies. The pink parade theme with the pink and white candies is also popular.
Wedding candy bouquets, candy tiers or candy topiaries with candy mountains and lollipop bouquets are also great at the candy buffets. One can also use candies in creating unique wedding candy centerpieces.
One can even choose a beach wedding theme candy buffet if it's a beach wedding. Personalized chocolates with the bride and groom's name on them are also very popular, it adds an exquisite touch to the buffet. For diabetics, a separate section of sugar-free hard candies can be placed.

Establish a Budget

These buffets not only require planning, but also budget allocation. While planning the wedding budget, one needs to set aside a sum of the candy buffet expenses. One should keep in mind the number of guests attending the reception. Depending on the amount of budget in hand, one can move ahead and buy candies and other necessities for the buffet.

Quantity to be Purchased

The budget will give an idea as to how much and what kind of candy can be purchased for the reception. An important point to remember, while purchasing candy for the buffet, is that there should be enough candy on display. The candy on display should be more than what is actually required, so as to enhance the visual appeal.
One should purchase 8 to 10 kinds of candy, with 15 to 20 pounds of each variety. The candy can be bought in bulk candy stores, to reduce the overall cost. This amount may appear to be more than required, however, it enhances the overall ambiance of the wedding reception.

Containers and Table for the Buffet

Besides candy, a candy buffet requires tables, containers and scoops. One can either buy some containers and scoops or have them rented. It is advisable to buy clear containers, as they showcase the lovely candy selections. Moreover, clear containers come in all kinds of fancy shapes and sizes and are great for candy buffets.
While selecting the candy jars, one should make sure that their mouth is wide enough for the scoops. These containers can be personalized by sticking snaps of the wedding couple onto them. The candy buffet table can be decorated with table runners, ribbons, candles, flowers, etc.
Serpentine tables, or the 's' shaped tables, make great candy buffet tables. To enhance the look of the buffet, candy jars should be placed at different levels on the table. Dessert stands, books or other supporting materials can be used to obtain different levels.

Wedding Candy Favors

Reception candy buffets are not only great treats at wedding receptions, but are also wonderful ways to thanks guests at the wedding. Personalized wedding candy favors are simply irresistible!
Small paper or cellophane bags, fabric sachets, small paper boxes, etc. with the wedding couple's pictures make brilliant wedding favors when filled with candy. The guests enjoy choosing candies that satiate their taste buds.
A wedding candy buffet gives the wedding a unique appeal, thereby making the wedding a memorable one for the guests. While planning a candy buffet, one can be as creative as one wants to be; the sky is the limit! A candy buffet is an all-time crowd pleaser, which is why this trend is catching on like wildfire.