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Dazzling Red Wedding Centerpieces for a Romantic Ambiance

Red Wedding Centerpieces
If red is the color of your wedding day, it cannot be complete without some dazzling red centerpieces. Find some unique ideas for such centerpieces here!
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
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The concept of weddings has transformed over time. It's not just the vows and the promise to be together for eternity that matter. It's also the wedding theme, the wedding decor, and even the centerpieces. As trends change, everything has to be accommodated in the wedding. If you wish to have a themed wedding, so be it. Wedding decor is not complete without centerpieces and the appropriate table decorations, and for a wedding that is themed around the color red, here are a few ideas for some stunning red wedding centerpieces.
Red Centerpieces for a Themed Wedding
Dark Red And Green Floral Centerpiece
You would think that just plain red centerpieces can get a little boring. But all it takes to change this mindset is to use red in just the right amount, in combination with some other colors. None of these will underplay the red in the centerpiece. The color red has been given due importance in each of these centerpieces. You can make some of these on your own, with some help, of course, to enjoy the experience of adding your personal touch to your wedding.
Red Book Centerpiece
You may never have thought of this, but having notebooks or journals as wedding centerpieces works as a great idea. Simply place empty red and black journals on the table so that your guests can write you a congratulatory message or anything they wish to share with you. As shown in the image, decorate the centerpiece with a vase and some red flowers. Classy and sophisticated!
In another idea, get some of your favorite romantic classics (second-hand), and wrap them up with red ribbon. Place two on each table. You can even give these out as wedding favors! Place a small candle in a candle holder, and place it over the books. Again, you're free to sprinkle a few rose petals or some red leaves around the books, as a finishing touch. Not only do these look great, they also make great conversation starters.
Red Lantern Centerpiece
Lanterns can be beautifully incorporated into centerpieces for a beautiful evening wedding and reception. As shown in the adjacent image, placing a simple lantern surrounded by some beautiful red flowers of different varieties can serve as a brilliant centerpiece at your wedding. It does not need to take up too much space, it is not very high so it does not interrupt conversation, and it provides the venue with a gorgeous dull glow and sets the right kind of mood!
Another way to use lanterns is to get traditional lanterns with a golden frame. Stick red cellophane paper on each piece of glass on the lantern (unless you get a lantern with red glass). Place in it a small candle, and have a beautiful red and gold wedding centerpiece. Go one step further, and have spray painted golden leaves sprinkled around the lantern.
Edible Centerpieces
Red Edible Centerpiece
When there is so much red in nature why must you go around hunting for and making special centerpieces? Look at this image and see its beauty and simplicity. Don't you think it will make a great centerpiece in keeping with the theme of your wedding? All you have to do is put a handful of cherries in a martini glass and you are good to go! You are free to change the container and add a few more elements such as green leaves, or a bunch of blueberries for contrast.
If cherries are not your thing, how about apples or strawberries, or even raspberries? You don't have to worry about what to do with your centerpieces after the wedding because you can rely on your guests to take care of them! Consider this idea; it is inexpensive, unique and will definitely look great!
Pebbles and Rocks
Red Rock Centerpiece
Doesn't this list just keep getting better? Colored pebbles are the rage in the world of interior decoration and you can definitely use them as centerpieces for your wedding. As you can see in the image here, a combination of red and black pebbles in tall, slim vases of different heights can beautifully be arranged in a circular fashion in the center of the table to make a stunning centerpiece. You could add a few branches of curly willow into these vases for an additional element (if you want one that is). You could even have red and black pebbles in layers for more drama, and a single red rose in each vase. Perfect, isn't it?
Red Candle Centerpiece
Yes you've seen candles at every wedding and in every shape and size but these are such versatile things that they can easily be transformed into something you have never seen before. Look at this image for instance. A simple white candle does nothing on its own. Instead when placed in a candle holder amid a plate full of resplendent red rose petals it becomes an alluring centerpiece. Use a ribbon to add a final touch to the candle holder, or as shown in this image, a decorative strip of felt gives this centerpiece the perfect highlighting factor.
For those of you who aren't satisfied with these ideas, here's a list of some more for you to choose from.
  • When you think weddings, you think of flowers. When you think red, you also think of flowers. Combine the two, and you have some beautiful red wedding flower centerpieces. Take a shallow, medium-sized, square box in a shade of dull gold. Line it with a thin layer of Styrofoam. Take a few red roses, and cut their stems, leaving enough only to fit them in the Styrofoam. Start from the center, and place as many roses as you can in the box, very close to each other. If there is any space left around the roses after you have fit as many as possible, fill it up with small, black pebbles.
  • Get a picture of the two of you dressed in red, printed on a black ceramic vase. Put on it your wedding date, and sign it. Fill it up with a bunch of red tulips. Once the wedding is over, you can actually hand them out as wedding favors.
  • Another centerpiece that can double up as a wedding favor is a small black satin pillow, surrounded by sprinkled red rose petals. Have your names and wedding date embroidered on it in red. Sensuous, bold and romantic!
  • The red and gold combination exudes class and elegance through and through. As simple as your centerpiece may be, having the red and gold combination will make it look absolutely stunning. Take a tall vase, and put some gold painted curly willow branches in it. Make red origami cranes hanging from each branch at different heights. Further, hang a few votive candles and light up this beautiful centerpiece.
  • One of the most inexpensive centerpieces includes taking a tall, slender, cylindrical glass vase, and filling it to the brim with red and gold spray painted autumn leaves, picked out from the streets. Surround the vase with tea lites, and experience the beauty of this amazing centerpiece.
Dazzle your guests with your bold theme and sensational centerpieces, and be assured that your wedding will be the talk of the town!
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