Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Aparna Jadhav Oct 8, 2018
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Rehearsal dinner is quite an occasion to celebrate, and since it has guests who are very close to you and your family, you must have rehearsal dinner favors. We will give you some ideas for the same.
Rehearsal dinners are held before the wedding day, where the bride and groom's families and friends come together for a pre-wedding celebration.
In the day, the couple have their wedding ceremony rehearsal in church, and then in the evening, their close loved ones host a dinner for them.
It is a fun and joyous occasion, when both the families share funny childhood memories of the bride and the groom. This is the time when they tell the couple how much they mean to them, and want them to be happy for life.
These dinners are full of toasts, food, music, dances, and favors! The favors are, however, from the couple to their guests as a token of appreciation for the dinner. These can be formal, fun, or personalized gifts of the couple's choice. Read on to find out some such ideas for these favors.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Favors

Deciding what to give as favors has always been a confusing job, so here is a little help from our side. These favors cannot be similar to your wedding favors, so make sure you pick two different things. Many times, a couple cannot afford to have expensive favors, so the ones mentioned here are just what you would need.


These are common and affordable favors to gift your guests. Boring circular cookies are no fun. Customize them by making wedding cake cookies, bride-and-groom cookies, just-married car cookies, fortune cookies, etc.
These look very cute and attractive, giving the wedding a very formal, as well as casual, look. You can wrap them in transparent wrappers with pretty ribbons tied to them, and keep them on the dinner tables. These can also come in a number of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butter cream, etc.


The second best option is chocolates in customized way. Many brands, like Hershey's, make customized wrappers for chocolates. Have these made by your choices with texts, like names and the date of wedding.
These chocolate bars are also preferred by many couples as they can be easily made, and are everyone's favorites. You also have a choice of flavors of the chocolate, like milk, dark, caramelized, mint, and nutty. You can have boxes of chocolates in smaller sizes, like Kisses and Ferrero Rochers.

Other Ideas

Other favors which you can try are tissue paper packets, scented candles, personalized coasters, candle holders, card and photo holders, tiny pizza cutters, etc. These are very creative, and you can make them with your pictures and phrases.
The coasters can be made of glass or plastic in various shapes, like hearts, stars, circles, etc. There is also a variety of scented candles which you can give as favors.
With such a wide range of rehearsal dinner favors, you can choose any of them for your party. So make a good choice, and show your guests how much you appreciate their involvement in your wedding.
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