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Wordings for Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Debopriya Bose Nov 22, 2018
Just as everything else, a flawless rehearsal dinner invitation is what you would want for everything about your wedding to be perfect. Here are some pointers along with a few samples that would help you in writing a concise but polite invitation wording.
A rehearsal dinner is a wonderful way of starting one's wedding festivities. However it is not just for fun. It gives people from both, the bride and the groom's side, an opportunity to interact and get to know each other better. Also, it lets you rehearse for the big day.
The first step towards holding this event is to send out invitations. Like every occasion, there are certain points that should be kept in mind about the words that you use in the invitations.

Guidelines to be Followed

The Form of Address

Since rehearsal dinners are not as formal as weddings, the form of address can also be informal. Especially when you are sending them out to close relatives like siblings and cousins.
For example, even if your sister is married, instead of addressing her as "Mrs. Caroline Smith" you could address her just as "Caroline" or "Sister Caroline". However, one may choose to be more formal with one's in-laws though.

Information to be Included

Make sure that the following information is included in your invitation wordings:
  • What is the invitation about, (the occasion)?
  • Date and the time of the event.
  • Venue, including a map of the venue or landmarks, would be a great idea. 
  • Hosts.
  • Reason for the dinner, a line about the purpose of hosting it. Though once the 'what' aspect of the dinner wording has been dealt with, the purpose of the event becomes clear, including a line about the reason of the event would be a good idea.

Extra Information

In case there is a dress code or information about whether children are to be brought, it is best to leave such information out of the wording for the invitation. You may call your guest or inform about this requirement by word of mouth or any other mode that you feel would be suitable.
As these invitations are not as formal as wedding invitations, a small note could also accompany the rehearsal dinner invitation that would carry the extra information.

Arrange for a Reply

It is always helpful to include an option for the guests to confirm if they would be able to attend the rehearsal dinner. This allows you to make appropriate arrangements for food, drinks, and other details, thus making it easier for you to manage.
This can be done in two ways. Either include a phone number and/or e-mail address of the host, with the dinner invitation wording or attach a response card and a self addressed envelope with the invitation. Also mention the date by which the reply is expected. This would ensure that you don't have to deal with last minute confirmations from guests.

Some Wording Samples

Example # 1

Come, join us as we celebrate
A Rehearsal Dinner Barbecue for
(Bride and Groom's name)
Hosted by
(Host name)
On (time and date)
At (Address of the venue)
R.S.V.P. Expected by (date)
(phone number of the host)

Example # 2

(Host name)
Request(s) the
Pleasure of Your Presence
At the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner of
(Bride and Groom)
On (time and date)
At (Address of the venue)
R.S.V.P. Expected by (date)
(phone number of the host)

Example # 3

Andrew popped the question,
And Julianne said "Yes"!
Everything's been arranged,
From flowers to the Dress.
But as we say, 'Practice makes a man perfect'
Join us for rehearsal dinner on (date)
As we strive to make the final day great!
Host: _______________________
Location: ____________________
Date: _______________________
Time: _______________________
R.S.V.P details :_______________
Now that you know what are the important points that should be kept in mind while formulating rehearsal dinner invitations wording, remember to ensure that these invitations are dispatched two weeks in advance of the dinner.
This leaves enough time for confirmation from guests and also for making suitable arrangements for the occasion.