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Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives

Geeta Dhavale Feb 8, 2019
A lot of couples are exploring new, romantic options for the standard ring bearer pillow. If you also wish to do something different for your wedding, this information gives you ideas of ring bearer pillow alternative.
Weddings are all about celebrating your happiness with your loved ones and relatives. It is a big day in your life, and gives you an opportunity to become the center of attention. Be it a grand wedding or a small affair, everything has to be special on your day.
From the wedding gowns to the groom's tuxedo, and from the delicious wedding cakes to the bridal bouquets, everything is aesthetically designed or ordered, to suit the wedding theme. The most essential thing is the wedding ring, which is borne on a cushion held by a young, cute ring bearer.
The cushions are available in varieties such as the frog pillow, the brown pillow, and the one with the monogram. However, if you want some change from the mundane cushion pattern, try the following alternatives which are sure to get all the attention.


Buy a big seashell, and fill it with artificial pearls. Place the rings in the pearls, and tie a ribbon on the shell. You can also take a conch, place it on a rose bed, and hang the rings on the spikes. This is an extremely romantic alternative to the regular cushion.

Silver Tray

If you do not want to waste time in tying and untying ribbons, a plain silver tray will also work well. You can just spread some rose petals on the silver tray, and keep the ring box in it.
Another option is a shallow bowl, on which, you can write the names of the bride and groom, and decorate with flowers and ribbons.

Plush Toys

Plush toys serve as a great alternative, and young ring bearers would really love this idea. For example, you can have a Barbie doll with the rings tied around her neck, with the help of a lace or ribbons. A teddy bear will look equally cute.


You can make a nest out of a small flower basket or a marble decoration piece. Decorate the nest with miniature birds, small eggs, flowers and moss. You can keep the rings in the eggs, or in the birds' beaks, or hang them around their necks.

Designer Box

A trinket box or any jewelry box can be decorated with sequins, lace, and ribbons; and filled with tiny, soft cushions or hearts. This looks very romantic and elite.
You can also use wooden treasure chests, and decorate these with white satin cloth, and bright red, heart-shaped sequins. Any design with red and white color combination looks beautiful on such occasions, as these colors symbolize love and harmony.


You just have to cover the Holy Bible with a white cloth, tie a white ribbon on it, and place your ring box on it. Instead of the Bible, you can use any book which holds a special place in your heart, such as an old scrapbook or family album.

Rose Ring Holder

This too makes a wonderful alternative. There are variety of rose ring holders available in the market. You can choose one in silver, golden, or platinum. You can also opt for one embellished with diamonds or semi-precious stones.


Horseshoe ring holders are gaining popularity day by day, as it is believed that horseshoes bring luck and success to the couple's married life.

Ring Orbs

These are like small eggs or balls, available in various colors. You can choose the color to suit your wedding theme. Ring orbs are very useful, as you can use them daily, to keep your rings when you are not wearing them.
Inside the orbs, sometimes, very nice quotes or sayings are written. You can get your favorite wedding vows, wedding poetry, or your own quotes or dialogs written inside the orb.
These ring bearer pillow alternatives allow you to drift away from tradition, and add a zing to your wedding. Before trying any new design, consider the ring bearer, as ultimately, he is going to be the one to carry the ring holder. So, choose patterns that suit him, and something that he can carry easily.
You can try many other ways to make your ring holder unique, as long as it escorts your rings safely down the aisle.