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Rose-themed Wedding Ideas: Sowing The Seeds of Love

Rose-themed Wedding Ideas
From bouquets and boutonnières to table arrangements and wedding favors, there is much that goes into planning a rose-themed wedding. Find gorgeous ideas on how to make your wedding a dream come true, through this Wedessence post.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Oh, the possibilities!
Roses are red ... white, yellow, orange, pink, peach, and lavender! With over 100 species to choose from, many brides-to-be favor roses as their flower arrangement.
The rose theme decoration helps showcase the vibrant colors of the flowers to a wedding celebration. But with so many types and colors of roses to choose from, how can anyone fathom to narrow down on the options? It's quite simple actually. Before even thinking about the entire décor, make a list of where and how you'll need the floral decorations. That way, you can choose the color(s) for your rose-themed wedding.
Inspirational Ideas for Your Wedding
In order to transform your wedding, the choice of floral displays play an integral role. Take a look at some suggestions provided in this Wedessence article on how you can incorporate roses into your wedding day.
Rose Themed Wedding Invitations
Literally, there are thousands of invitation designs and styles for a rose theme. With various colors and patterns, you may have a tough time figuring out which type of invitation cards to finalize. A good way to do so is by choosing a color scheme. Depending on what your wedding colors are, you can pick the card that suits you best.
Bride with Bridesmaids
Bride, Maid of Honor, and Bridesmaids
It is important for the maid of honor and bridesmaids to have a completely different look than the bride, but also close enough to complement her. The first thing to do is to decide the bride's bouquet as it gives way to finalizing the maid of honor's and bridesmaids' bouquets as well. Apart from the traditional bridesmaids' attire, where each one has the same look, you can opt for a contemporary look where each has a style of her own.
Groom with Groomsmen
Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen
Unlike women, men don't require too many details while getting ready for the wedding. There's no bouquet, headpiece, or any other item that they need other than their suits. But one thing that has to be included for a rose-themed wedding-boutonnières. Of course, what the groom chooses for his attire can vary drastically. Go with tuxedos, bow ties, suspenders with ties, or even a casual jacket for the occasion.
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
It's obvious that the flower girl will have rose petals in the basket, but you can incorporate a bit more. She can wear a rose headpiece and a traditional white bouquet as she walks down the aisle. As for the ring bearer, he can wear a similar boutonnière as the groomsmen and bring the rings on a pillow covered with rose petals.
Venue Decoration
There are so many elements to think of while decorating the venue for a wedding. Right from the wedding ceremony till the reception dinner, each and every element has to be perfect. Here are a few suggestions on what your rose-themed wedding decoration can include.
Wedding Ceremony Décor
Wedding Ceremony Decoration
Rose Themed Wedding Chairs
Wedding Reception Décor
Rose Themed Wedding Head Table Decoration
Rose Themed Wedding Table Decorations
Depending on the venue, adding the décor will be easier to plan and implement. Just remember, keep the weather in mind when you include the floral arrangements as it plays a huge role in the overall outcome.
Cake Decoration
Rose Themed Wedding Cake Decoration
What's a wedding without a gorgeous and breathtaking cake! Before you decide what style of decoration you'd want on the cake, pick the flavor first. This way, you'll have a better idea on how to coordinate the flowers and colors for the floral arrangement on the cake.
Wedding Favors
Rose Themed Wedding Favors
For wedding favors, you have tons of unique ideas to go with, like rose-shaped candles, candle holders, and key chains, mini rose plants, long-stemmed crystal roses, and much more. Place the favors inside a beautiful box, and decorate it with flowers.
Regardless of the décor you select for the wedding, the most important thing is that you had fun planning the entire event. This day will not just be beautiful, but also a memorable one for both of you. So, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest.
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Pink Rose
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