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Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces
Rustic wedding centerpieces are a great idea to work out on, being the symbols of simplicity and old country charm. Let's take a look at what you can place at the epicenter of your guests' tables...
Naomi Sarah
Rustic weddings can either be a grand affair with that country theme to it, or a simple one showing symbolic representations of rural, peasant life and the beauties that country sides behold till date. Weddings are a time of detailed planning and probably the one time in your life where you have to make the most important decisions. Everything from the dresses of the bridesmaids/groomsmen to the cuisine selection you want to go with, needs your approval and final consultation.
It's a blur of months packed with planning and putting together a string of responsibilities before the big day arrives. Now that the hard part is over in deciding what theme you're going with, rustic in this case, we can safely say that the hard part is over. Now for the rustic wedding centerpieces that will decorate each tabletop that's got you nail-biting about what to put there. Trust me when I say that this is the least of your problems during the wedding planning, where these suggestions in this Wedessence write-up should be plenty of help.
Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
For your rustic centerpieces, it isn't hard to have these handmade in a professional store that handles this sort of thing, or have it pre-ordered from online where you can get a stock full of these pieces if you searched in the right places. Let's take a look now at what rustic wedding ideas you can use for the centerpieces.
Wooden Sailboat
Seamen and fishing boats bring back images of the country man's means to get his bread and butter arranged by selling his batch of fish, after a long hard day out at sea or by the river. Many of them still love going down to the dock and untying their boat's moorings to drift out into the waters to look for a good catch of fish. Even today, the most rural of areas devoid of modernism and untainted by man-made interference, will have men happily fishing and throwing off nets into the distance. Have a sailboat sit in the middle of the table, with white sales sporting an old scraggly font with your names on it. These can be carefully handmade using fabric paint, or printed on the cloth before the sails are affixed to the sailboat.
Pine Tree Candles
A lot of pine trees tend to grow along country sides and valleys, so this would seem like the quintessential element that has the countryside effect going for the centerpiece. You can have beautiful candles in the shape of pine trees in different sizes, that you can strategically place in the center of your guest's table, in groups of threes or twos.
Mini Twig Basket with Potpourri
A twig basket to symbolize the old ways of where country folk would bake bread and muffins for guests and neighbors, with even old country picnic baskets made from this carefully woven branch. Place mini twig baskets in the center of each table with a good helping of potpourri to give them a whiff of what a field of flowers or a forest full of them would smell like. Choose earthy scents like rose, grass and sandalwood to really bring out the essence of your wedding theme.
Twig Votive Holder
This idea uses twigs again as part of the centerpiece. A pretty twig candle holder can be used to encase a votive candle in its grasp, making it throw soft light on one's table using the twig design to really let the effect pop. Each table can have one or two of these, depending on the size you find, where the votive candle holders can be replaced with extras available in little favor bags made from sisal or jute. Place these little bags on the table as well alongside the votive candle holders.
Carved Faux Bois Vase
A faux bois item is one made from imitation wood and not the actual thing, where you can have these engraved or carved with your initials and of your partner's of course, or you could include a little quote in the wood engraving. Have a batch of fresh wild flowers placed within each vase on your guests' tables.
Handmade Canoe with Bride and Groom Statues Within
Have a good craftsman make mini canoes from stiff leather imitation fabric and other organic materials that are just as taut, so that you have yourself a nice stable canoe big enough to put a mini bride and groom in it. It would be quite the table centerpiece, seeing that the statues can have a traditional simple country sort of bride and groom sitting in the canoe.
The centerpieces should experiment with things that come from nature, that are all organic representations that depict country life. You can really try out some imaginative and creative ideas that will come to you once you explore these options. Have a memorable wedding.