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Second Marriage Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress all over again seems like a daunting task to most second time brides to-be.
Wedessence Staff
Second marriages or remarriages are embroiled in a lot of controversy. There are innumerable etiquette and unspoken rules that the couple is expected to adhere to. The poor couple is often found to be torn between the unsolicited advice from their friends and family and their own aspirations about their wedding.
The bride especially, finds herself in a tight spot when it comes to choosing her wedding dress. Let us look at some options that can be looked upon while choosing a dress for the big day.
If your first marriage was a subdued affair, then you might want to make your second marriage an extravagant affair. In that case, you may keep your wedding celebrations like any other regular wedding.
However, second marriage does come with a lot of responsibilities and unsaid code of conduct, more so, if children are involved. Hence, you have to seriously think about the kind of celebrations you would like to proceed with. The choice of your wedding dress would primarily depend upon your overall wedding preparations.
Pristine white color has always been associated with all bridal dresses. However, it is unnecessarily connected with the virginity of the first-time brides. The truth is that, virginity has nothing to do with the white attire.
In 1840, when queen Victoria mesmerized everyone with her white bridal outfit and unknowingly made white as an official color for bridal gowns. Prior to that event, brides used to wear dresses in any color. Hence, you may or may not choose to wear a white outfit on your wedding. You can also take your pick from other subdued colors like pale pink, ivory and pastels.
Weddings, irrespective of their magnitude, have an air of formality. Thus, it is best to go for a formal full length dress. Cocktail dresses are best suited for second marriages and look great even on older brides.
You can also opt for tea-length dresses that give a younger and fresh look. However, free-flowing cocktail dresses in pastel, with or without straps are ideal bridal wedding dresses for second time brides.
Cuts and Patterns
Low cut dresses with plunging necklines are not your best option when you think about wedding dresses. Play it safe with simple cuts and patterns, that look mature yet elegant. Avoid heavy worked dresses with lot of embellishments, as it fails to look classy.
Lastly, go for a dress that looks flattering on you and hides your flaws. You may search the Internet for used wedding dresses, if you are wary of investing a hefty amount. If you are planning an extravagant affair to celebrate your second marriage then, you may as well take your pick from the beautiful designer wedding dresses.
Do not make a big deal out of wedding dress for your second wedding. Forget what others have to say about it and choose it like you would choose any other dress.
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