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The Secret of Wedding Success Lies in the Little Things

The Secret of Wedding Success Lies in the Little Things

When planning a wedding, most brides concentrate on the big things to perfect, but to have a successful wedding, it's the small touches that add up to a big hit.
Buzzle Staff
By Allie McComas

Imagine yourself, newly married and enjoying your carefully-planned reception. Everything is perfect. You are ready to cut the three-tiered cake, and all eyes are upon you. The photographer is ready, your guests are eager to taste the beautiful wedding cake.

You and your new spouse turn to cut the cake knife! You forgot all about the knife you needed for the cake! That happened to a friend of mine. It just so happened that the baker didn't provide the knife, just the cake and its set up. This communication breakdown led to a small overlooked detail that became a big deal. She and others were scrambling to find a knife but with an outdoor reception, there was no kitchen to raid. They actually ended up cutting the cake with a disposable plastic butter knife. She can laugh about it now, 15 years later, but at the time she was horrified.

I had another friend get married and she added a special touch that turned out to be a big hit. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, she had a smaller cake that she and her husband used for "the cutting of the cake", but she had her baker make 75 miniature wedding cakes for her guests. They each had three tiers, and were about the size of a large cupcake and were placed at the individual tables. They were so adorable, and everyone loved them. Comparing the two wedding receptions, just on that one point of cake-cutting, a little detail can make all the difference.

If you are currently planning a wedding, there are little things you may want to consider before you go down the aisle.

Minor Details that Could Turn Out Major Disasters
  • To be safe, use waterproof mascara for your wedding day. You never know how emotional you will be during the actual event, and you certainly don't want black tears rolling down your face if you cry.
  • Many people, including your wedding guests, could be sensitive to perfumes, so try using scented body powder instead.
  • Protect your pits! You don't want to have underarm stains on your beautiful dress. Consult a bridal salon on how to protect your wedding dress fabric from under-arm perspiration. You can buy protective shields specifically for that purpose. They can also protect you from embarrassing sweat stains!
  • Keep some mint or breath-strips handy. You'll be mingling with many people and fresh breath is a must. You can slip them right down the top of your dress where they won't fall out.
Special Touches That Add a Pinch of Panache
  • At the guest book table, consider creating a collage of pictures featuring you both from childhood, and culminating into pictures of you together.
  • To entertain your guests at the reception before you arrive, make up a fun quiz of "get to know us better" bride and groom trivia.
  • Put disposable cameras on the tables for the guests to take pictures. Have a bin by the door to place them in at the end of the reception.
  • Give your photographer some note cards with the names of special people of whom you would like pictures.
  • A fun way to celebrate the happy couple's sendoff is to blow bubbles instead of throwing rice or birdseed. Also, if it's an evening send off, try having the guests light sparklers. It makes for a beautiful picture!
Remember, most problems occur from miscommunication and wrong assumptions, so go over everything again and again, with those who are helping you, so that your big day becomes a huge success!