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September Wedding Colors

Ratnashri Dutta Nov 24, 2018
One can make the most important event of one's life ― the wedding ― more interesting by going with the theme of the season one is getting married in. Here are some interesting color ideas for a wedding in the month of September.
Hark! The merry chimes are pealing,
Soft and glad the music swells,
Gaily in the night wind stealing,
Sweetly sound the wedding bells.
~ Eliza Cook
Wedding is the most important day in the life of any woman. To take the vow of staying with the man of her dreams forever, is like a dream come true for any woman. All they want on this day is to make it special, to make it memorable.
The latest fashion, the color of the season, the best of everything is what they would love to have on this special day. Here are some ideas which you can use in order to make your wedding a memorable and colorful event of your life.

Which Colors to Use?

The hot summer days are over, and September is here. Pleasant evening, bright, vibrant fall colors everywhere, warm days and chilly evenings, the trees starting to shed their leaves. It's the best month to get married after spring.
For all those who are tying the knot this autumn, here are some great ideas which you can try out as your wedding theme. Using the color of each month such as spring, summer, or winter colors as your wedding theme, is something many girls love to do.

The Dark Ones

The first thing that comes to mind is the dark and earth tones, a color that you will notice in every wedding in September. While planning, make sure that you have lots of these colors. Chocolate brown and sage green are very popular, so are rust and burgundy. A wedding color combination of forest green and gold will look pretty on a warm September summer.
Khaki and light gray also make a good combination. You can also combine some of the dark colors and get something great. You can combine coral and sage and make something new and trendy. You can also combine gold and turquoise or teal and chocolate brown, and make your wedding more colorful, bright and memorable.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold colors like jewel tones are popular in both early as well as late September weddings. You can combine this color with either orange, an important color of this month, or with teal or violet or maybe royal blue. You can use these colors for the bridesmaid dresses. They would look lovely against a beautiful autumn day.


As mentioned, orange is an important color of this season, you can also go for an orange wedding theme. A pumpkin orange color, mixed with green or brown looks elegant, especially on a warm autumn morning. If you are looking for a tropical feel, then go for orange with aqua or fuchsia.
You can have a combination of peach shades of orange with lots of dark greens and navy blues as fall wedding colors.

Royal Purple

Looking for a royal wedding? Opt for a purple color fall wedding theme. The wedding bouquets can have a shade of this color, or maybe the bridesmaids can wear some shade of light purple.
If you are looking for a softer look, opt for lighter shades of purple with soft greens. You can also combine this color with the color of champagne or may be soft yellow.

Red is the Color of the Season

Crepe red or cinnamon red or maybe tango red, will go great this season. But some people do not want to go with red. But that's not a problem, as there are several other options which you can try out to have an unforgettable wedding.


Nothing like the color gold on a beautiful autumn day. You can have wedding flowers or table cloth in this color. Autumn, the time when nature is a beautiful shade of orange and gold and what's better than a gold-themed wedding!
These were a few popular colors for a September wedding. If you want, you can also add your favorite color to the list and use it for your wedding. Wedding is the time when two people start a new journey. Hence, it's important that the ceremony be made special for them and a proper themed wedding, according to the seasons is a brilliant idea.