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Shoes to Wear With a Wedding Dress That'll Keep You on Your Feet

Shoes to Wear with Wedding Dress
Are you confused about which shoes to wear on your wedding? Here are some suggestions on the various type of shoes to wear with wedding dresses.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
One of the basic rules concerning wedding dresses, is to not overdo it. Some things in the attire needs to be kept simple, or else brides end up looking too dolled-up. Another crucial ingredient of the attire, is the shoes. The shoes you choose for your big-day, should feel perfect, as if they were made just for you!
White lace shoes
You must wear shoes, which define and flaunt your personality with all the grace in the world. Let's find more about the type of shoes to wear with wedding dresses and which trends rule the season this year.
Trendy Wedding Shoes
Beige color shoes
● If you love rhinestones and crystals, get a pair of shoes, which have them! Such shoes look great with a tea-length wedding dress. Try experimenting with pumps, or platform heels.
White shoes and flower
● Designer shoes with carnation flower shaped embellishment, look extremely classy, trendy, and yet simple. This pattern looks great with dresses which have free-flowing fabric, pleats, or are plain. These will go well with a dress, which is scrunched up, and is made of chiffon, georgette, or batiste.
● If you are in love with the bold and sensual appeal of gladiator stilettos, then why not wear them with your wedding dress as well? Unless you plan to go all out-and-out on your wedding with your dress and shoes, it would be better to tone down on the color of your gladiators!
White pointed shoes
● Be fearless with your shoe selection, if wish to look trendy on your wedding.
Go in for a shoe which includes a jeweled brooch, designed with rhinestones, or colored crystals. A brooch can be worn with a wide range of shoe designs such as, peep-toes, wedges, and many more.
Colored Wedding Shoes
Golden heels
● You can choose to wear outlandish and bold colored shoes, such as red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and green.
The options available are limitless and still unexplored, by the world of going-to-be brides. So why not break the rut and be a tradition breaker and a trend maker!
Brown shoes
● Some women will cringe at the very idea of wearing animal printed shoes on their wedding, but then again; there have been instances of such and successful ones at that! Women who would dare to wear printed shoes, may go in for imitation prints such as, the classy zebra, snake, leopard, or crocodile print.
Black shoes
● When it comes to printed shoes, you must never sideline floral prints and the feminine grace they bring with them. You can explore these vibrant options, while you're out hunting for the perfect wedding shoes for yourself. Such a shoe would look great with a flowing or lacy gown.
● Why not introduce some glimmer into your wedding, through glittery wedding shoes? Since it's your wedding, you have all the excuses in the world to wear what your heart desires. If you're a typical disco gal, why not allow some shine and bling-bling, to shimmer up your wedding dress as well?
Quintessential Elegance
Shoes with clutch
● Simple and yet dainty, closed-toe shoes with slight heels are a grand option for women who prefer elegance over ostentatious designs. Simplistic designs such as the one mentioned in the image, are a rare find and worth safekeeping. You may also consider matte effect shoes, in a wide range of colors.
White pencil heels
● For women who feel confident enough to walk in pencil high heels on their wedding day, these open-toe stiletto beauties with ribbon accents, go with dresses both short and long. The ribbons are satin-textured and can add a gentle touch of color to any dress.
● These pristine white shoes are perfect for the typical wonderland wedding. Feel like snow-white, as you flaunt this flawless and ethereal shoe design, which has no frills attached to itself. This design is classy, elegant, and has managed to pass the competitive test of high-fashion!
Bridal heels
● These modern-day open-toe Mary Jane's with pencil high heels, are a challenging choice for brides who'll need to be on their toes during their big day. For those who find comfort within such designs, there's nothing quite as perfect. The white roses in addition add floral beauty to this pair.
Simplistic Comfort
wedge shoes
● Wedding shoes with pleats and layers, allow them to emulate the pattern of most wedding gowns. If you wish to adapt this sophisticated design with your dress, opt for shorter heels in order to give it a vintage appeal. Wedge heels are another good example for comfort oriented wedding shoes.
● Kitten heels will have you sailing smoothly on the wedding aisle, without a worry in the world. If you wish to give preference to comfort, while maintaining some height on the shoes, then these are the perfect choice for you. Try designs like, peep-toes, ballerina, or crisscrosses.
● Another comfortable alternative are flat ballerina patterned shoes, made of lace and have a slingback on them. If your dress is made of lace you may not want to wear lacy shoes, instead go in for pointed tip shoes that have a low heel. Even flat shoes which have a slightly pointed tip look great.
● You may even go in for ballerina shoes, which have ribbon tie ups or folded creases in the front. These look really stunning and attractive, because of their unique, innocent, and cozy appeal. You may wear these shoes, if you plan to wear a ballerina wedding dress, or a similar pattern which flares out!
Make it a point to go shoe hunting a few months before the wedding date. This will help you zero-in on the perfect shoes. No matter what you select, make it a point to ask one of your best friends or bridesmaids to confirm your decision.
If they are happy with your choice, you can easily go ahead with the purchase. Hopefully, this given information on the types of shoes that suit wedding dresses has been informative. Wish you a very happy married life and all the very best to you!