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Short Wedding Veils

Short Wedding Veils

The beautiful short wedding veils are quite in trend nowadays not only because they are easy to carry, but they look nice as well. This article sheds light on different types of wedding veils, along with instructions on how to prepare one, all by yourself.
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A well-designed wedding veil gives the ultimate look to the wedding gown. In fact many people believe that a wedding gown is incomplete without a wedding veil. A wedding veil is a significant bridal accessory that complements the entire bridal attire. Though wedding veils come in different styles and length, nowadays short wedding veils are quite popular and preferred by many brides. The main advantage is that, they can be worn all night long and fits well for a less formal look. Also since they come in a variety of styles like one or two tiers, shimmering sequins, vintage-style lace, etc. a bride can have more options while choosing a veil to complement her wedding dress and give her the most beautiful and elegant look. Therefore, check out the below given different styles and length of wedding veils.

Short Veils for Wedding

Visor or Cage Veils: Visor or cage veils are the shortest wedding veils which were quite popular in the 1950s, and are now again in trend. Unlike the traditional long, flowing wedding veils, these veils sit right over the face and are made of tulle or organza. These veils don't flip back over the head and just cover the eyes and cheeks.

Shoulder Length Veils: Shoulder length veils suit nearly all wedding dresses and give the bride the most stunning and modern look. These veils are longer than the cage veils, have both a front and back and look best with a wedding dress, that is without much of details or work around the shoulders.

Elbow Length Veils: If you desire to have a wedding veil which is slightly long but still short, then elbow length veils are perfect for you. These veils are about 30 inches long, having both a front and back and come down up to the mid back and waist area. Elbow length wedding veils are most popular as they look great even when worn with a simple wedding dress having not much of work or details.

Fingertip Veils: As the name says, these veils are as long as the bride's fingertips and can be worn with any wedding gown. Unlike the cage veils, fingertip veils have both a front and back, hence they can be flipped back over the head. These veils work best for brides who want short but slightly longer veils for their wedding dress.

Making a Short Wedding Veil

If you are planning a low-budget wedding and don't want to spend a lot of money on your wedding dress, you can try making your own wedding dress or at least your wedding veil in case you don't have much time. Making your wedding veil all by yourself will not only cut down your wedding expenses, but will also add a personal touch to it. And you never know, your veil may turn out to be absolutely stunning than most wedding veils available in many bridal shops. So without much delay, here are some easy instructions on how to make a short wedding veil at home.
  • Depending upon the desired length of your wedding veil and the color of your gown, select a tulle that matches perfectly with your wedding dress.
  • Fold the tulle into half and at one short folded edge, using a scissor cut the two folded layer of tulle at the raw square corner into a rounded edge. Unfold the tulle and slightly iron it.
  • Hold the other short side of the tulle. Now, along the entire short edge of the veil, make long stitches. Now tightly pull these stitches and to secure, tie a knot in the thread.
  • Attach the edge to the tiara or the hair comb using a fabric glue and once it dries sew sequins, beads or rhinestones onto the tulle, if desired.
With other wedding preparations make sure you don't overlook your wedding veil and pick something that complements your wedding dress and highlights your hairstyle to give you the most perfect look.
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