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Side Updos for Weddings

How about trying something different for your wedding hairstyle? Side updos are becoming quite popular with brides these days. Read ahead for some ideas that you can use.
Wedessence Staff
Side updos are the latest entry in the wedding hairstyles circuit. Gone are the days, when 'blushing brides' wore their hair down loose. More and more women are opting for something more stylish and elegant to look their best on their wedding day. Updos are the perfect way to look elegant, not have any stray hair blown by the wind, and give you a neat look that will highlight and enhance your gorgeous face even more. So, let's look at some easy updos that you can use for your wedding.

Side Updo Hairstyles for a Wedding

If you're planning an outdoor wedding where there are chances of breeze, a formal updo is the best option. No worries about hair covering your face, plus, you have more scope for accessories like long diamond earrings or other pretty jewelry to match it. Let's see some good ideas for side updos for weddings now.

You got the hint I guess. Yes, a braided updo is a great hairstyle for your big day. Here's how you do it. Pull back your hair from the front and hold it low at the nape. You can tie it with a transparent band and then make two partitions of the hair. Tie two braids using the hair in the different partitions. Take these braids sideways and fasten them with a strong and tight clip. The ends of the braids must be hidden well within the clips.

Low Bun
A low bun done well to the side also makes for an elegant hairstyle for a wedding. Wash, condition and blow dry your hair and keep hairspray at the ready. Comb back all your hair, and take it to one side at the nape. Now begin to roll your hair slowly and neatly, and fasten the end with either a clip or a tight band. Add on some sparkling small pins all around the bun to give it that elegant look!

Half Way
Another good hairstyle for your wedding, would be a half updo. This means you must have at least medium length hair. What you have to do is, take the hair on your crown and tie it up into a bun, or clip it up. The lower portion of your hair, you can leave it loose around your shoulders. Make this hairstyle look fabulous with some great bridal hair accessories!

Mess it Up
Instead of a tame and neat bun, go for exactly the opposite! What am I getting at? A messy bun of course! Now messy does not mean over-the-top-wild-to-the-point-of-looking-like-you-just-stepped-out-of-a-haystack messy! I mean a classy messy bun, tied to the side, with a few stray hair deliberately removed from it. Use a headband at the crown, and some crystal clips in designs like butterflies or stars scattered around your hair to complete the look.

Curls and Twirls
Ah! What looks better on a glowing bride, than a mane of fluffy curls bursting from beneath her veil! Go in for a curly hairstyle that will look both fun and sophisticated at the same time. How? Well, if you have curly hair then great! But if you don't, then you might consider choosing from different types of perms, the one that you think will suit you best. Then just bunch up your hair to one side, after combing the front flat. Either keep it a ponytail, or give the curls one fold inwards, and tie them with a strong hair band. Place a big flower in a color that goes with the wedding theme.

That was what we had on side updos for weddings, for now! Your ideas and tidbits are more than welcome. So feel free to tell us about them. Until then, have a happy wedding!
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