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Advantages of Using Silk Flowers for Weddings

Magically Awesome Advantages of Using Silk Flowers for Weddings

The bridal bouquet a bride carries to the altar, enhances her grace, beauty, and elegance. Natural and real flowers are traditional and make her feel like the most beautiful bride in the world should. Silk bridal bouquets look like real floral bouquets and are the new traditional. Continue reading...
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2019
Every bride dreams of looking beautiful and stunning on her wedding day. Although a major part of focus and attention is directed towards choosing the bridal attire.
Colorful Bouquet
Other important things like the bridal bouquet, which is an integral part of the bridal attire, should not be taken for granted. Choosing the right one is very important as flowers do play a significant role in wedding ceremonies.
Bridal Bouquet
Choosing the right kind of flowers is a tiresome task and can take a toll on the bride-to-be. Original flowers can be an expensive affair during off-season and they may not last longer than a week. The best option is a silk flower bouquet.
Colorful Bouquet Of Roses
Real flowers are beautiful, no doubt. But with them, the bouquet must be made just before the wedding, else the flowers may look wilted. However, if you are using silk flowers, the bouquet can be made well ahead of D-day.
This will reduce the stress and worry levels about procurement of the real flowers and getting the bouquet ready in time. Also, silk floral bouquets are comparatively less expensive.
Submerging flowers in water is an upcoming trend. Silk flowers can also be submerged in water. This floral arrangement can be used as a centerpiece, too. You need only a few flowers for floating or submerged silk flower arrangement.
silk flower bouquet
If the bride or the bridegroom is allergic to real flowers or their fragrance, it is wise to use silk flowers. Real flowers are also capable of attracting bees and other insects. Therefore, it is advisable to use bouquets made of silk, if the wedding reception is held outdoors.
Bouquet of White Silk Roses
If well maintained, it would last for years. Unlike the bouquet of real flowers that droop within a week, the silk bridal bouquet can be preserved for a long time and it will be a pleasant reminder of your wedding day.
It is not affected by heat or cold. Silk flowers can withstand any weather condition. It is not necessary that you have to put them in water to keep them looking fresh.
If you are getting married in winter and if the real flowers that you want for your bouquet are available only in say, France, what would you do? Using imported flowers can be very expensive. However, substituting silk flowers for real flowers can solve this problem and the solution is less expensive, too.
Tips to Preserve Silk Bridal Bouquets
Wedding Bouquet with silk flowers
● A silk bridal bouquet will sustain for a longer period, depending on how you take care of the flowers. Some tips for preservation are:
● Dust the bouquet frequently. The silk flowers can be washed. Soak them in a mild detergent for an hour. Gently remove the dirt using a baby toothbrush. Rinse them twice in clean water. Leave them to dry naturally.
Florist: Silk Flower Designer spraying cleaner
● The bouquet can be kept clean and fresh by being sprayed with an ozone safe aerosol spray.
● If the flowers are wrinkled, they can be steam-ironed. However, don't forget to adjust the temperature at the lowest setting.
● There are many silk flower cleaners available with florists and the departmental stores. These cleaners can keep the bouquet looking fresh.
The style of the bouquet depends on the bride. She can decide if it will be a round or a cascading bouquet. The bride can spice it up by spraying a nice smelling perfume of her choice over the bouquet. She can also ask the florist to glue crystals on the petals of the silk flowers. Such bouquets are gaining popularity and are here to stay.