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Simple Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Simple Church Wedding Decoration Ideas
With some innovative and imaginative decorations, you can make your marriage venue look classy, attractive, and simply out of this world. This article provides some exquisite yet simple ideas for church wedding decorations.
Aastha Dogra
Those planning to have a church wedding, would usually prefer a pure and serene atmosphere at their wedding venue rather than something loud and over the top. The same thinking can be extended when planning the decorations as well. Decorations for a church should ideally be simple, elegant, and classy, so that they add and match up to the charm and sentiment that a venue like a church exudes.
You should firstly understand what all constitutes church wedding decorations. The entrance and exit, doors, pews, aisle, altar, ceiling and floor - these are the things and places that need to be dressed up for a church wedding. There are numerous options available for decorating them, such as flowers, ribbons, candles, lights, lanterns, etc. However, before deciding on the decorations, you should be sure of the color combination that you want at your wedding. Usually, no other color matches the purity and sanctity of the church as white. Having an all-white wedding can make the whole affair look very classy and sophisticated. However, if you are someone who thinks that an all-white wedding is a bit boring, a combination of red and white, green and white, or purple and white, are other good color schemes for a wedding.
Well-chosen and displayed fresh flowers add to the beauty of the venue beyond imagination. You can make a beautiful centerpiece with flowers and keep it at the welcome table. You can make arrangements with them and hang them as decorations all around the venue, including the entrance and the door. Hanging a wreath made from roses at the door is a very unique idea which will immediately attract the attention of your invitees, as soon as they enter the venue. To lend a bit of fairy tale effect, you can have the aisle covered with rose petals. In fact, there are so many creative things that you can do with fresh flowers, you only have to think out of box. One thing to remember while choosing flowers is to ensure that they are of the same color as the rest of the decorations.
Lights and Candles
If the church allows, there are a number of innovative ways in which you can light up the venue. Hanging colorful LED lights at the entrance so as to form an arch, lends a fun feel to the atmosphere. This idea, however, should be strictly used for evening weddings. For morning weddings, an arch made of flowers, balloons, and ribbons will suffice. Pillar candles can be placed in hurricane glasses and then used to line up the aisle. Candelabras and candle stands can be placed decoratively at the altar, to enhance its visual appeal. Keeping candles on the window sills, adding them to centerpieces or flower arrangements, these are other simple decorations that you can consider.
Faux Pearls
Hang strings of faux pearls from the ceiling of the church. These are available in colors such as red, white, and pink. Pearls of different colors can be stringed together and hung from the ceiling to lend an altogether different feel to the venue. Faux pearls can even be added to other decorative arrangements to make them look more interesting.
Tulle will lend a kind of delicacy to your wedding decorations. You can hang this sheer fabric in the shape of U, from the side of the pews. Complete the "U" with a bow made of ribbon or a flower arrangement, attached at the top. If you are thinking of adding some elaborate decorations, you can hang tulle in some unique crisscross manner from the walls and place large ribbon bows in between. White, pink, and silver tulle looks the best as these colors add a feminine touch to the rest of the decorations.
Potted Plants
These days, it's not just flowers, but even potted plants are being used as decorations for a wedding. You can order a number of decorative potted plants and place them on either side of the entrance, in a row, for effect. Potted plants especially look great if you have chosen green and white colors. Potted plants can be placed at various corners inside the church and silver artificial stars can be hung from them to give the venue a Christmassy feel.
Wooden Name Initials
As the wedding vows are taken at the altar, it is one place which will very prominently figure in all the photographs. An interesting way to decorate it is to hang the name initials of the bride and the groom, carved out of the wood, at its backdrop. These name initials can be decorated with flowers, moss, pearls and ribbons, to add to their appeal.
With the aforementioned ideas, you can make any wedding venue attractive and memorable. One last tip - when it comes to wedding decorations, they should not only be planned and designed to look beautiful, but should also be done in a way that the sentiments and feel of the venue remain intact.
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