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Simple Wedding Cakes

Simple Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are surely one of the biggest attractions at weddings. Here are some choices for simple wedding cakes, if you want to have an elegant and traditional cake!
Aparna Jadhav
With the gorgeous flowers used to decorate the wedding venues, the absolutely stunning wedding gown flaunted by the bride, and the colorful table decorations, wedding cakes are an interesting sight to see too! Well, even though the bride and groom select and design it, the result is always surprising. If you are someone, who would prefer settling for a simple yet attractive look for your wedding, I think a simple wedding cake would go perfectly with the theme as well. Now, I am sure you are thinking that a simple cake is just a white single tier cake, with absolutely no decoration. But, let me tell you that simple cakes are one of the best options, as they give a very plain background for colorful decorations. Therefore, if you are having a small and personal wedding and want the same in a cake, read into the coming up paragraphs for variety.
Ideas to Choose From
The classic cake is a three tier circular or square white cake, with either fondant or real cake decoration. This is the pattern that most couples prefer as cakes look best when they are traditional. However, a few couples like to add an extra touch to these cakes by having some colorful fondant "bride and groom" cake toppers, differently shaped tiers, or a bouquet flowing down the cake tiers. But if you are having a simple wedding ceremony, or are on a tight wedding budget, there are many options you could have for some cakes. These cake styles stick to the traditional design, but could have a few modern touches here and there. Take a look at these ideas with respect to the different types of decorations mentioned below. Pick your favorites.
Plain Icing
Cake with plane icing
These cakes are usually circular or square in shape and have two or more tiers, placed either directly on each other or on pillars. However, if you are looking for cakes, the first option you could have is absolutely plain cakes which are single tiered with nothing but the whipped cream or white butter cream icing on it. The edge of the cake can be decorated with fondant pearls to make it look simple yet elegant. There are various methods of icing, which could also be used in case you don't want a very bold design on the cake. The cakes can have a smooth or an uneven finish depending on the design.
Decorative Icing
Cake with icing
In case of a slightly more decorative cake which is meant to be simple, you can use various icing styles to decorate the surface. Using the differed colored frosting, you could have designs such as, flowers, pearls, ribbons, or lines to decorate the cake. Choosing a simple 2 to 3 tiered cake with these decorative icing styles would make the cake look more pleasant. Since cakes are meant to reflect a celebration, I would suggest you add some element of design to the cake and make it look festive.
Icing with Flowers
Cake with flowers
Real Flowers
The cakes with flowers is one of the most common decorating styles picked by a number of couples. This is because no matter how simple the cake is, adding one colored flower would bring a vibrant effect to the cake. Therefore, a number of cake designs include real flowers to decorate the cakes. Flowers such as roses, lilies, daisies, etc., can make these elegant cakes look brilliant.

Fondant Flowers
Another popular addition to the cakes is, using fondant flowers in place of real ones, to give the cake a uniform look. These flowers are also edible and thus, you have an advantage over decorating cakes with real flowers! Fondant flowers can be imitations of real lilies, roses, and other attractive flowers. They could also be made as colorful as you wish.
Icing with Seashells
Cake with sea shells
Real or Chocolate Seashells
If you are having a beach wedding and would like to have the theme put down on the cake, using seashells would be a great idea. There are various types of elements of the sea, such as decorative shells, starfish, pebbles, etc., which are great additions to the cakes with a theme. Incorporating real seashells could be a unique idea, if you wish to. But if you want to have the "real" look and want them to be edible, chocolate could make great imitations.

Fondant Seashells
Seashells on a cake is my favorite idea. Using fondant seashells, could also be a great idea, as it gives you the liberty to make these cakes more versatile. Giving them a unique finish such as; smooth, uneven or glazed would surely add to the elegance of the cake. Thus, if you want to have ideas for beach theme, these could be perfect.
Icing with Ribbons
Cake with ribbons
Another very popular addition to cakes are ribbons that are usually placed at the edges of the tiers to separate them from each other. The bright colored ribbons such as red, pink, orange, black, green, blue, purple, etc., have the ability to add color to the plain white cake instantly. The cake wouldn't need anything extra to make it look stylish yet simple. Ribbons are usually used on plain single or double tiered cakes, if there are no other elements of decoration to the finished product. When the ribbons are printed, they look even more attractive on the white cream cakes.
With these versatile ideas, hope you have picked up the idea, you found perfect for your wedding! So, go ahead and have the simplest cake which would surely add elegance to your reception.