Simple Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces can make a table look classy and appealing. You can use some really amazing and inexpensive options that will spice up a wedding's décor.
Wedding planning involves an endless list of things to do. Wedding decorations are definitely one of the prime elements of this list. If you want to save some money while planning your wedding, here are some simple centerpiece ideas for you. These are very important elements of the wedding venue. They need to be extremely elegant to make the event impressive and memorable.
Simple Centerpiece Ideas
Using Fresh Fruits
Get a couple of glass bowls where you can place the fresh fruits in. A tall cylindrical vase filled with lemons can add a dash of color to an otherwise simple-looking table. They will look even more catchy if the lemons are sliced and placed in a clear glass bowl filled with water.
You can use oranges or strawberries in the same way. Combos can look great, but make sure you opt for fruits with colors that complement each other. Painting fruits is another idea you can opt for. Golden and silver-dusted pears placed in a glass bowl would lend an antique look.
Using Flowers
Colorful flowers instantly give a bright and fresh look to a room. Making centerpieces using flowers is very easy. Also, you don't need to be a master in floral arrangements; just a little creativity will go a long way. Remember to use flowers that will stay fresh for the entire day. You can choose to have the same kind of flowers on every table, or two different colors of a particular type.
Opt for a catchy combination. Choose a pairing of red and white (being the most popular), blue and white, or pink and blue. If you want to go monochromatic, you can use either lavender or maroon. Calla lilies or roses are common choices that will look beautiful on any table. Decorative vases filled with flowers are easy to make. You can also have floating flower heads in a wide ceramic bowl.
Using Seashells
If you have a large collection of seashells, then this idea is the best one for you. Take a round glass bowl and fill it with seashells. Finish the look by tying a lovely, bright-colored ribbon around the mouth of the bowl. Another idea is to place a candle in a wide candle holder, and fill the empty space around the candle with seashells.
You can also fill a wide plate with seashells and randomly put some white rose petals over it. Make sure to wash the seashells thoroughly and wipe them dry before using them. You can take a tall glass container and fill it with sand; place the seashells over it.
Seashells for tables centerpiece
flowers for tables centerpiece
Fresh Fruits centerpiece for wedding