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Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

Simple But Stunning Wedding Reception Ideas to Steal Immediately

Regardless of how grand or low-key, yet elegant a reception is, the whole affair needs to suit a bride-to-be's and her significant other's likes and personalities. In this Wedessence post, we will go over some gorgeous, yet simple wedding reception ideas that will 'wow' everyone nonetheless.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Get Your Priorities Straight
As there are countless facets of your reception, you should figure out which of these are most important to you. That way, you can focus on including those elements into the reception so that it reflects both (you and your fiancé) personalities.
First and foremost, let us clear something up―a 'simple' wedding reception does not necessarily mean 'cheap'. Any and all elements of the party are organized and combined in a subtle, less grandeur manner.

For a bride-to-be, one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding is to transform her expectations and ideas for the day into reality. So, if you are someone who has always envisioned her reception party to be all about mingling with family and friends, and enjoying the evening as a newlywed, then the suggestions mentioned below will come in handy.
barn wedding reception venue
Barn Wedding
garden wedding reception venue
Garden Wedding
beach wedding reception venue
Beach Wedding
Selecting a venue that is close to the wedding ceremony location is always an ideal choice. You can save a lot of trouble on transportation, not just for yourself but also your guests. In addition to that, you can keep your guests entertained while the two of you spend some alone time before the reception party begins.
flowers in wooden crates reception decor
hanging candle mason jars reception decor
mason jar chandelier reception decor
mason jar vases reception decor
Pick a venue that doesn't require a lot of additional décor elements and already has a chic ambiance. You can choose a barn, a restaurant with an outdoor seating area, a garden, or the beach for dinner; all you need are some handful of décor items.
Place Cards
white place card on reception table
floral place card on reception table
place card with heart on reception table
With each guests' place decided, a simple place card on the table will suffice. There are times when certain brides-to-be like to use different elements (favors, knick-knacks, signature drinks, etc.) along with the place cards. But if you don't wish to invest too much of your time and money on this, then a regular place card is totally acceptable. In the same manner, you can place a table with escort cards at the entrance to let your guests know where they'll be seated for the party.
Table Centerpieces
blue mason jar rustic reception table centerpiece
short floral vases reception table centerpiece
couple initials reception table centerpiece
It's true that many talented and experienced wedding planners can easily plan, delegate, and organize a spectacular reception party together. However, it doesn't mean you  can't do so yourself. The inspiration for decorating the tables with centerpieces has to come from within; take insights from your likes. In the end, whether it's you or a wedding planner putting the elements together, it'll eventually reflect your personal taste in the end.
Table Numbers
reception table number with floral vase
reception table number on pink bottle
reception table number with lantern
Finalizing a typeface for the table numbers can be a tedious task for it has to complement the venue, décor, and ambiance of the party. If you can't find the perfect typeface, customized or otherwise, do give sites that provide free fonts a chance.
champagne for reception
signature reception drinks
In the 'spirit' of keeping things simple, choosing the drinks to be served at the party will also require some decision-making on your part. From a limited open bar option to serving only wine, champagne, and/or beer to a signature drink works wonders.
sit down reception meal
Sit-down Dinner
buffet reception meal
Buffet Dinner
When it comes to the meal, there are a few options you can choose from. Of course, a sit-down dinner is always a popular choice. However, there are other ways to go about it. Instead of meal, you can serve heavy appetizers where guests can mingle, chat, dance, and have a great time. On the other hand, you serve a family-style dinner, keep a buffet meal, or have a family cooking party as well.
ombre rose frosting reception cake
ombre tiered reception cake with floral topping
white tiered reception cake with flowers topping
white reception cake with flowers frosting
There are countless bakeries that can help you create a wedding cake that is out of this world. But, since simple is the game, we wish to divert your attention towards how charming these above given cakes are. Basically, we believe that your guests will be more interested in what's on the inside, than its outer beauty.
Dessert Table
fresh fruits dessert table
dessert table with white tiered cake
ombre tiered macarons dessert table
If you wish, you can skip pricey tiered cakes altogether and instead, serve your favorite desserts like brownies, macarons, donuts, lemon squares, and S'mores. Ask bakeries to provide you a variety of their most popular or favorite treats to be placed on your very own dessert table.
bag of cookies
stacked cookies
colorful cacti in pots
Homemade items like cookies, brownies, candles, etc., can make for wonderful wedding favors. On the other hand, you can even give your guests their very own cactus pots. Basically, these are low fuss, high satisfaction favors that almost everyone will adore and remember you for.
Finally, we'd advice you to take your time in planning and organizing every aspect of your wedding ceremony and reception party (apart from the occasions leading up to the big day). This day will come once in your lives, and enjoying it the way the two of you want is of utmost importance.
Wedding Cake Decorated With White Lace
Beautiful White Wedding Cake
Guests Throwing Confetti On Couple During Reception In Garden
Wedding Guest Gift
Wedding Reception Sweets Drinks And Fruits
Wedding Reception
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Wedding Reception At A Club Yard
Wedding Hall Before Diner