Small Wedding Cakes

Small, single tier wedding cakes serve great for small weddings, where the guest list does not involve scores of people. These cakes are wonderful because they are not expensive, while at the same time maintain the auspiciousness of a wedding cake.
The usual trend is to get huge, three to four tier wedding cakes for the wedding reception. However, small, elegant wedding cakes are also in fashion. Scores of people live with the school of thought that reduction in size will also reduce the grandeur from the cake. Of course size makes a great difference, however, if you are planning to have a simple, sober wedding you could easily opt for small, simple wedding cakes. What's even better is that small wedding cakes reduce cake expenses. Moreover, some people do not fancy towering cakes and prefer to stick to small, elegant ones at the wedding reception.
Small Wedding Cake Ideas
While zeroing in on the final wedding cake, one needs to remember that the cake should suit the personality of the bride and groom. Although most of us feel that smaller wedding cakes have lesser scope to work on, the fact is just the opposite. Mini wedding cakes provide the perfect platform to work on and display one's creativity.
Single Tier Wedding Cakes: A wedding cake does not necessarily need to have three or four tiers. A simple, single tier wedding cake also works perfectly. The greatest challenge one faces with small cakes is with regards to the cake topper. Since large cake toppers can be too much for a single tier cake, it is best to opt for smaller cake toppers for single tier cakes. Some even avoid putting cake toppers on the cakes and instead place them on the cake's side as decorations.
Wedding Cupcakes: In this theme, one small cake is needed for the top tier of the wedding cake. This cake is placed on the top tier of a four to five-tiered cake stand. The other tiers can be filled with cup cakes of one choice. Cup cakes individually iced and displayed on glass tiers of the cake stand is a glorious sight to see.
Wedding Cake Decorations: Small wedding cakes have scores of options, with regards to designs and colors. Icings such as chocolate ganache or butter-cream icing flavored with peanut butter are great choices. Some even use fresh flowers to decorate the cake. However, make sure the size of the flowers are appropriate for the cake. You could even go in for the edible flowers, instead of fresh ones.
Flavors: Most bakers are open to baking mini wedding cakes for the regular flavors. If you are looking for a particular, unusual flavor, then the size parameters may vary slightly, so as to compensate for their efforts. Couples are found going in for spice cakes with cream-cheese filling, pumpkin spice cakes, chocolate and peanut butter cakes, etc.
Cheese Wedding Cake: If you do not wish to go in for the standard cake, go in for the cheesecake option, wherein, you stack tiers of Leicester, Double Gloucester and Wensleydale with different kinds of fruits, cascading grapes, etc. It's a different perspective altogether!
The best part about small wedding cakes is that one can even prepare them at home. Oft there exist relatives who are experts at baking. They will already have some wedding cake recipes up their sleeve, which you could ask them to bake for you. If you have the privilege of extending the cake budget, then you could think of placing these small cakes on each of the tables at the reception. This enables the guests to feel free and help themselves to as much cake as they want. However, this may burn a hole in your pocket!
Cheese Wedding Cake