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Small Wedding Reception Ideas

Smita Pandit Nov 26, 2018
Even a small wedding reception can be memorable, all you need to do is plan it perfectly. Here we provide some tips to help you plan this important event.
Celebrating a wedding with a small gathering of family and friends certainly makes it more intimate. Moreover, it works well when you are tied up on account of budget constraints which don't allow for a lavish reception party. You just need to do some smart thinking and plan ahead of time.
Plan everything keeping your budget in mind and work on even the smallest of the details so that you don't panic when very little time is left. You need to be innovative and get the best possible arrangements within your budget.
Planning a reception involves several aspects like preparing the guest list, selection of a venue, decor, music, catering, wedding cake, and wedding favors. Not everyone can celebrate like the rich and famous, but smart decisions on your part will help you make this event special and memorable.

Ideas for Planning a Small Yet Memorable Wedding Reception

Here are some ideas to help you organize the reception. Start by making a checklist and tick along as you move ahead.


The most important aspect would be to select the venue. If possible, you could plan your wedding in an off season and save a lot of money. Do book the venue in an off season. Prepare a guest list and select a venue that could accommodate your guests well.
If the gathering is small, you could even have a small reception at a clubhouse or even at home. So, don't make delays and book the venue in advance.


After selecting the venue, decide the wedding theme and consider what options you have as far as decoration is concerned. Decide on the color scheme and don't forget about bridal flowers. Details like seating arrangement have to be looked into.
Select the flowers as per the color scheme and theme, and make sure you have flowers for every table. You could also go for silk flowers. Make sure the table covers look good and have bows attached to the chairs.
Depending on your budget, decorate using inexpensive yet beautiful wedding centerpieces, streamers, and balloons.

Food Menu

The food items in the menu will depend on the time at which you plan to have a reception. So, if you are holding the reception in the morning or early hours, you could have a menu consisting of breakfast or brunch food items. This will surely help in cutting costs.
In case, you are holding a reception in a hotel, you can choose savory appetizers and dishes which are not very expensive. Make sure that you select delicious food items that don't cut a big hole in your pocket.
Go easy on alcohol as that could impact your budget in a big way. Make sure you select a great looking and delicious wedding cake. Don't go on a cost cutting spree when it comes to the wedding cake.


The reception would be incomplete without good music. You need to find a good band or a DJ so that guests can enjoy dancing. If your budget doesn't allow that, you could get your own stereo and CDs and one of your friends could be the DJ.
Don't forget to prepare a song list of the favorite songs. You need to tell them your favorite song for your traditional first dance and all types of wedding music including romantic and other foot tapping songs that will create a fun ambiance. Also, remember to book a photographer, so that you can cherish the beautiful memories later.

Wedding Favors

Don't forget about the wedding favors for the guests. Give wedding favors as a token of gratitude for coming over to celebrate this special occasion of your life. These gifts are just to express your sentiments; you don't need to buy expensive wedding favors.
Buy inexpensive and useful gifts like photo frames, scented candles, and candy boxes. The cost of the gift doesn't matter, the gratitude you wish to express towards them matters.
Once you have fixed the date, start planning every detail so that there is no reason to panic later. It's time to celebrate your love and look forward to spending life with your loved ones. Wish you a great married life ahead!