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Breathtaking Centerpiece Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Azmin Taraporewala Feb 10, 2019
Spring wedding centerpieces can put your creative cells on a perpetual compulsive notch. Why compromise on a wedding centerpiece during a season that marks the onset of rebirth, renewal, and unmatched warmth!
The season of spring marks the happy influx of paramount warmth and unconditional fervor of rebirth in the air. If you have planned to have your wedding scheduled during spring time, you can supplant your wedding theme with that of the lovely season of spring.
If you want your wedding to have a signature style of its own, you must rev up your imaginative buttons to make every corner of the wedding junction cherished and memorable.
You must pay attention to making your wedding summer-house worth the penny you pay. You could also have gazebos or a pergola do the spring trick for you. What about the tables meant for the guests? Well, you could decorate them with flowing chiffon and silk scarves, vermilion drapes and centerpieces that spell love in the air.
Having a variety of centerpieces is not the idea, but having the ones with a marked signature difference is what the challenge is all about. Spring wedding centerpieces could be the ultimate eyeball-grabbers at weddings. So, what are you waiting for? Read this information and get showered with praises that appreciate your creative endeavors.

Talk about Style

Well, we need to zero down on the style that we are to adopt. Ask yourself two of these important questions:

Q: Would I like to have centerpieces that are small yet elegant, or would I want to add drama and character to every table contributing to the wedding charms?

Q: What would the wedding decor be like -- Splendid and lavish, or petite yet classy?

Ideas for Wedding Centerpiece

Presenting some exciting and enticing ideas for spring wedding centerpieces to complement the spirit of spring! Read on and bask in the inspiration to have centerpieces that are unique and carry character.

Tall Tales

To add drama and character to wedding tables, you may plan to have centerpieces that are tall and eye-catching. Centerpieces that flaunt height ornamented with greens and blooms prove to be the perfect frame that looks enchanting. You could either have greens or just have a towering intricate vase strategically positioned on the table to uplift the decor.

Candy Bar

Delectable delights are hard to come by. Make your guests realize that they have made their way to heaven as this centerpiece serves to be a treat to the eye and to the taste buds. A three-tiered dessert stand could serve to be a centerpiece containing confection full of fruit blasts and candy crunches; could be consumed before, during or after meals.

Topiary Delights

A topiary can be crafted in different shapes and can be decorated with real or faux flowers. Topiary require a professional hand to give each piece perfect justice. You may have a topiary chopped in different shapes and sizes. Heart-shaped topiary or the one's that spell 'LOVE' do the trick more often than not!

Eco-friendly Endeavors

You could choose to bring in your green sentiments on wedding tables and display them with panache. This is indeed one of the most stylish and the most unimaginably economical spring wedding centerpiece idea. Adorn flowers, seashells, branches and dried flowers around an earthy candle that lends an urban yet classy look.

Floating Candles

Floating candles can make for a celestial experience. You can also put petals in the bowl along with the floating candles. Pebbles can also be placed in or around the glass bowl.

Fruity Floral

Arrange fruits and flowers in shallow centerpieces to have your praise meter flooding.
You may have sliced fruits and long-stemmed flowers teamed up to bring penchant worth an Aha! Another bright version of using this theme for a centerpiece is to opt for a tall vase and arrange for a melange of fruits and flowers, preferably of matching hues. This too, would be a unique arrangement eliciting innumerable wows!

Customized Figurines

Your wedding centerpieces can carry traces or have a full-fledged display through the custom-made centerpieces. Have a figurine with a lovable strap line or have an expression of love etched out. It's entirely your choice!
After all, it's your wedding centerpiece! Although a costly affair, you might as well spend the buck once, to feel content with your wedding panorama!

Candle Cradles

Candles are here to deliver the classy look that you have wanted your wedding to adorn. A symbol of warmth and unconditional purity; you may group and regroup candles of different heights or have water cradle the candles in a shallow bowl with good ol' rose petals playing host, to have an enticing element of warmth and dripping sophistication.


Floral centerpieces can have a phenomenal impression on wedding arrangements. As flowers have always reserved their seat of favoritism, you may choose to have unique containers or bottles to cocoon them. However, you need to be careful not to deviate from the formal and sophisticated feel, your wedding poses to have.

Simple Yet Elegant Decorative Items

You can even create centerpieces on your own. Heart-shaped decorations are perfect for weddings. Flowers need not be the center of attraction all the time!

Rustic Reminiscence

Spring is synonymous with freshness and it is not just the flowers that bloom their best, but it is also the influx of ideas that sprout with greater gusto. Lanterns and flowers can be used for decorating the venue. Barks of wood could play the perfect hosts to enthrall your esteemed guests.
Scoop out a blob from the bark to make a deep nested hollow. You could prop in little rounded bowl-shaped candles. Positioning two side by side or placing just one on the table, may well do more than the needful.
Another idea is to post a stack of hay or wheat sticks in the center. Tie a laurel wreath around the stack. If you wish, you could choose to demarcate the table with placards inserted into individual stacks for the tables to be numbered.
With these ideas on spring wedding centerpieces, we are sure that you are smart enough to find which one suits your belief and your taste.