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Spring Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Girija Shinde Mar 14, 2019
Spring is a season of colors and beauty. One should not have any problem in having the perfect wedding in this season of abundance.
A wedding is a joyous moment for not just the couple, but also for their families, relatives, and friends. It is a time for enjoyment, merry making, and frolic. It takes a lot to create that positive atmosphere at the wedding.
Everyone, including the couple and the guests should feel comfortable. Wedding planners take months together to plan everything, a lot of money is spent on the major aspects of the wedding like the food, venue, decorations, etc.
After so many expenses, one might find themselves a little low on budget for other parts of the wedding like the decorations. However, a lot of money does not need to be spent on wedding decorations, especially, when the wedding falls in a month like spring.
The nature itself provides ready-made wedding centerpieces. Let's have a look at couple of inexpensive spring wedding centerpiece ideas.

Floral Centerpieces

Flowers are the most popular centerpieces for any wedding. And when it is a season of flowers, how can one not add them to a wedding?
Some flowers that are abundantly available in spring are, daisy, bluebell, camellia, lilac, orchid, freesia, chrysanthemum, tulip, jasmine, honeysuckle, cherry blossom, etc.
The idea is to make a centerpiece of two types of flowers, one fragrant, and the other colorful. Like the combination of pink lilies and orchids. You can choose any two or many flowers as per your choice.
If it's a beach wedding, you can include some blue and lemon colored flowers as your centerpiece. Make sure that the tablecloth is matching to that of the flowers.
You do not need to spend money at all for this centerpiece, all you have to do is, add a couple of flowers of two shades to a nice white clay pot and surround it with rose petals. You can even surround it with lots of ivy vines.
A fountain of white and yellow tulips too, makes a pretty centerpiece. To make this centerpiece, add phalaenopsis orchids, white and yellow tulips (French), and mimosa blossoms, to a long flowerpot, if possible, a transparent one.
Make sure to pick flowers with bended arc, so that they look exactly like a fountain.

Balloon Centerpieces

Who said balloons are meant only for kids' birthdays? If used creatively and tastefully, balloons too can be an elegant wedding decor. Along with table centerpieces, they are used to decorate also the entrance and the wedding venue in entirety.
You can make a heart at the entrance door using combination colors like white and blue, red and white, pink and red, or red and blue. You can also make tiny baskets of tulle netting, fill it with candies and pull the corners together to form a ribbon. Tie these baskets to the end of a bunch of balloons.

Lantern Centerpieces

Lanterns are indeed the most beautiful of centerpieces, mainly because you can add the other lovely centerpieces like flowers and candles to it. There are loads of designs of lanterns available, most of them cheap.
Glass lanterns, vintage tea lanterns or cups, ghost leaf lanterns, gazebo lantern, etc. are some of the available options. You can add scented candles to these lanterns, spread colored pebbles around and hang vines and flowers on top of them.
You can add some spring fruits surrounding the candles! Use fruits like fake lemons, cut in halves, etc. The cheapest option is however the Japanese lanterns. Place one lantern on each table and surround it with pots of bamboos along with candles.