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Spring Wedding Colors

Stephen Rampur Nov 5, 2018
When it comes to choosing the best spring wedding colors, you necessarily have to opt for shades that are lighter.
Be it any season that you want to get married in, you would certainly want to go for wedding themes and colors that would be appropriate to the time of the year. Choosing hues for the decorations and theme is no doubt one of the most difficult tasks in wedding planning.
However, with some considerations in mind, you can decide suitable options that would match the season. As the spring season is believed to be a time of rebirth and growth, it is the best time to get married. And, there are many to-be-married couples who mostly prefer this season as a good time for this purpose.

Tips for Selection

Wedding colors should be chosen appropriately according to the seasons, and this is true for springs, as well. While planning for an outdoor wedding in spring, you should think about the color combinations on the dresses, decorations, background, venue, and all other important aspects of the event.
One of the best ideas is to choose a primary color and add a variety of different shades of that particular color. This will certainly set the theme in order. An important point to note is that you should choose only those hues that are lighter. Do not go for the darker ones, which are ideal choices for weddings to be held in the winter season.

Popular Options

In the majority of weddings held in spring, hues such as light pink, lemon yellow, sky blue and other lighter shades are popular choices. In order to create a warmer atmosphere at an event, you can add colors such as soft lilacs and minty greens to the decorations.
The combination of white and pink would really look beautiful for the wedding theme. Ivory and pastel green can also be considered as a good combination. A theme of lavender and white brings a rich feel to such an event.
A combination of dark green and pastel green is a good example of using a primary color with other shades of accents. Coral as the primary color can be suitable for beach weddings conducted in spring. You can even choose a combination of three colors in the decorations.
The best combinations are ivory, lavender, and sage; white, chocolate, pink; ivory, pink, sage; and faint green, pink, and lavender. In making the decorations, the best way of adding color to the venue is to include in the decoration flowers that are available during the season; this will add natural color to the wedding themes and decors.
Some good flowers for this purpose are lilies, cherry blossom, daffodil, forsythia, magnolia, etc. To set a specific color theme in your wedding ceremony, you can inform the invitees about the theme that you have decided.
Considering these colors, the guests will dress appropriately, which will go well with the theme. You also have the option of including a variety of designer patterns on the wedding decorations, such as Swiss dots, gingham, plaids, and other similar designs.
As for decorations, make sure that all aspects of the wedding colors, decorations, and the venue go well with each other. You may choose any type of hues and shades unless they are too dark and do not match the setting.