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Ideas for Spring Wedding Invitations

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 1, 2019
Can't find the right words for your wedding invitation card? Read on for ideas to invite all your friends to one of the most cherished moment in your life.
The picturesque weather of spring and the warm gentle breeze is the perfect time for a wedding ceremony out of your dreams. Writing invitations is the toughest part of them all with all the mayhem around. To help you out, here are a few elegant and simple wording ideas.
Spring marks the end of winter. It's about blossoms and birth. Let your invitations reflect the same to your guests. To do so, make your wedding invitations floral in print and use a lot of pastel colors to bring out the theme.
Pastel pinks, purples, lighter shades, of blue and yellow will blend perfectly well with the theme. Choose a paper that is light to touch with a soft texture. Handmade paper is a good option to make a wedding invitation cards.

Sample Wordings

A fresh new day, and it is ours
a day of happy beginnings
Together with their parents
Nancy Smith
Jacob Walker
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
on Friday, the 6th of June 2010
at five o'clock in the evening
Trinity Lutheran Church
568 Lutheran Drive
Norwalk, Connecticut
The daisies of the field are as
fresh and perfect as our love...
Please celebrate with us
the freshness of new life
and new love as we
Marie Burton
Karl Goldberg
exchange the wedding vows
on Friday, 4th April 2012
at six o'clock in the evening
Calvary Lutheran Church
3649 Anderson Road
Eldersburg, Maryland
Like a butterfly in a summer
breeze, our hearts are uplifted
by love
It is with joy that we,
Kristi Marcus Mahoney
David Lynn Winters
pledge our love as one
on Saturday, the 3rd of May 2014
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
81 Taylor Lane
Davenport, Iowa
Like the leaves on a summer
breeze our hearts are uplifted by love
It's with joy that we,
Anna Young
Paul Curtis
pledge our love as one
on Saturday, the 5th of July 2010
at two o'clock in the afternoon
The Willows
3355 Oak View Drive
New Haven, Virginia
Love makes life a paradise...
We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life
together on Friday, the 6th of June 2013
at half past three in the
Durham Arboretum
1789 Rolling Green Drive
Thomasville, Connecticut
Meagan Tyler
Christopher Robin
Each hour, each day, each year
We grow as two, yet as one,
We grow apart, yet together
Forming an eternal love
We, Elise Joe Sonoma
and Matthew Mae Stevens
together with our parents
invite you to share in the celebration
of our marriage
on Saturday, the 9th of August 2010
at one o'clock in the afternoon
Saint Peter's Church
2500 Lakeview Avenue
Dallas, Texas
Our love blossoms together!
We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life together
on Saturday, the 12th September 2010
at one o'clock in the afternoon
Saint Peter's Church
2500 Lakeview Avenue
Dallas, Texas
Lori Colin Turit
Brice Alaine Frederickson
Love fills a moment
A moment fills a lifetime
A lifetime begins eternity
Our eternity begins here,
at the wedding of Amanda Lorraine Rayburn
Brian Alan Duncan
Please complete our happiness
by celebrating our wedding weekend at
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida
Because you have shared in our lives
with your friendship and love, We
Heather Elizabeth Kennedy
Alvaro Garcia Maritato
ask you to join us for an intimate ceremony
to celebrate our Love
on Sunday, the 19th of March 2008
at five in the afternoon at
Beau Lodge
Bow, Alabama
Making wedding invitations at home are the cheapest options. These DIY invitations may take up a little time, but in the long run, it's worth it. We hope that you've found the perfect wordings for your invitations.