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10 Struggles Only a Bridesmaid Will Understand and Relate To

Struggles Only a Bridesmaid Will Understand
One of your closest friends is getting married, which means you get to doll up and be the star in every single guy's sky, at the wedding. But the ugly truth remains, being a bridesmaid is not as easy as it seems. Here are some hardships that even the most seasoned bridesmaids have to face.
Amita Ray
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Struggles of a Bridesmaid-What Free Time?!
You can kiss a relaxing weekend goodbye because you've signed up to board the wedding express. Once the wedding preparations are in full swing, we can assure you that your weekends are going to be more crammed with work than the usual day at work. Let's just hope your coffee keeps you afloat.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Bye Bye Money
Sure, the bride and groom don't want a big wedding, all they want is a simple but tasteful ceremony with the people they love... in Rome. Now that you're a bridesmaid, it doesn't matter if you have that kinda money lying around, you have to go. Don't forget, you also gotta pay for the bridesmaid's dress, splurge on the impromptu meets, and throw one big hen party. It's either go broke or go home.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Dress Disaster
You know all the jokes referring to the hideousness of a bridesmaid's dress, they're for a reason, a very good reason indeed. "I want my bridesmaids to look better than me!", said no bride ever, and if there's a wedding theme involved, then God help you! What's worse is that, these moments of utter embarrassment are forever frozen in the wedding album.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Brawling Bridesmaids
Being the peace-loving person that you are, you wouldn't want to be caught in all the drama between the bridesmaid who takes charge to get things done her way and the other bridesmaids who choose to cut corners. It doesn't matter if you quietly go about doing what you should be doing, because you're definitely caught in the crossfire.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Perfect Hen Party
If life wasn't hard enough on you, and you didn't have enough pressure to make something for yourself, the pressure of planning the perfect hen party is all that you need to tip you over the edge. You need to get every little detail perfect or you'll never hear the end of it. Until the party is over, it's just panic, panic, and panic.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Handling Bridezilla
The novelty of your friend getting married soon wears off, especially when the bride-to-be shuns her pre-wedding glow and gets mad when you don't seem very keen at helping her decide the perfect shade of white at 2:30 in the morning, although your opinions don't really matter.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Walking Down the Aisle
This, like many other days, is not about you. But for a few moments during the course of the day, all eyes will be on you (scary ain't it). You need to walk just perfectly, not too timid and not too bold, not too fast and not too slow, perfectly in sync with the music. Your walk has been timed down to the very second; God forbid if you get it wrong.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Braving the Pity
Unfortunately, everyone attending a wedding is so caught up in the wedding fever, that they somehow start believing that a life without matrimony is incomplete. All the single bridesmaids have to grow thicker skin to digest comments like, "always the bridesmaid", or "you will get married someday". If you happen to have a date for the wedding, you will definitely be bombarded with questions like, "when are the two of you getting married?"; so what if you've just met.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-When Will It Be Your Turn
All the crazy talk has gotten inside your head. All the single girls wonder why they're single, and if they'll ever meet someone they could settle down with. The girls who are with someone start wondering about where the relationship is headed.
Struggles of Bridesmaids-Bridesmaids at Work
If you've joined the bride brigade, then you've got your work cut out for you, right from the uninvited zit on the bride's face to the mystery of the missing figs in the salad. It's your job to hold the brides dress when she pees, taking care that all drunk relatives reach home fine, making sure that everyone's wedding speech is appropriate, while dodging the bride's creepy uncle. And you thought weddings are fun!