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14 Stylishly Stunning Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Veils

14 Stylish Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Veils
Traditional wedding veils are so yesterday. For the bride who's open to a little bit of experimentation, we have 14 wonderful alternatives that you can easily substitute the traditional veil with. Pretty, wacky, elegant, quirky, outrageous, there's one for every type of bride.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Before picking the type of headpiece you will be wearing, consult your hairstylist. He/she will be able to help you understand what will best suit your face and your hairstyle.
A traditional bridal veil is romantic. Period. No one's arguing with that. However, imagine not being able to clearly see the look on your future husband's face while you walk down the aisle. Imagine him not being able to look at your radiantly glowing face as you smile and walk towards him. Nothing very romantic about that now, is there? Plus, you have the job of taking it off after the ceremony to enjoy the rest of the day. Though traditional veils do add a touch of class and elegance to bridal attire, it's not like they cannot be substituted with something more (or at least as) classy and elegant to adorn your head on your special day. The options are unlimited. From pins to combs, from offbeat veils to tiaras, there are so many ways to experiment. And if you're one of those brides who loves a bit of unconventional stuff now and again, why not have your headpiece do the talking for you? Let it be as carefree, whimsical, and creative as you are. We present to you 14 stylish alternatives to traditional wedding veils that you'll absolutely love!

*The alternatives have been listed in alphabetical order for convenience.
Band and Veil
If you simply must have a veil in your wedding attire but don't want a run-of-the-mill one, try something like this: a band with a veil attached to it at the back so it won't cover your face.
Band and Veil
Have a gorgeous vintage brooch in your family? Use it as an elegant hair accessory. If you can find something in blue like this one, your 'something blue' is taken care of as well.
Colored brooch in hair for wedding
A fairytale wedding demands a crown or tiara. So, ditch any kind of veil and don a glimmery tiara instead.
Wedding tiara
For a little oomph and whimsy, try a huge fascinator. They're all the rage in the hair accessory world, so there's no way you can go wrong with it.
Fascinator for wedding
Faux Flower
Fashion a big flower out of luxurious fabric like satin, tulle, or organza and clip it on. Again, a major trend will be assimilated into your wedding attire. Yay you!
Faux flower for wedding
Ah feathers! Now we're not saying go all out and do a Carrie Bradshaw (who liked that bird in her hair anyway?), but just a handful of brightly colored feathers will instantly transform your look from innocent to sassy.
Colored feathers for bride
Feathered Clip
The bigger the better. That's what's this feathered clip is all about. You can, of course, opt for different feathers if thin and stringy is not your type.
Feathered clip hair accessory for wedding
The freshest and most beautiful hair adornment you can don is a bunch of exotic flowers. Remember to replace them if they begin to wilt post the ceremony.
Bride with flowers in hair
Hat with Veil
Another option for women who simply cannot not have a veil: a tiny hat with just a teasing hint of veil to cover your eyes and keep most of your face visible.
Hat with Veil
More and more brides are opting to go the headband way instead of a classic veil. And why not? It's easy to put on and take off. And it suits almost any hair length.
Headband Veil
This one's for the bride who's all about mixing and matching. A headband with a touch of veil for the perfect balance of naughty and nice.
Headband Veil
For a rockstar bride who wants to leave a lasting impression on her guests, a headdress is the perfect stylish alternative to a veil.
Offbeat Veil
Don't want a whole long veil, but don't mind a quirky twist on it? Here's an idea. Get a blusher with its clip and wear it on the side instead of on top of your head.
Offbeat Veil
Pins and Clips
These tiny pieces of hair décor can make your entire ensemble come together. Sparkly, shiny, plain, detailed, fabric-made―any kind of pins and clips will do wonders for any kind of hairstyle as they can be used to create focus or just as embellishments.
Pins for bridal hairdo
Who needs a traditional veil when you have so many stylish alternatives to them, right? Plus, the ideas given here can be worn with almost any length of hair. A gentle reminder to take your hairstylist's opinion before splurging on one of them. So, pick one that appeals to your personality the most and flaunt it proudly on your wedding day.