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Summer Dresses for Weddings to Make You Look Hotter Than the Sun

Summer Dresses for Weddings
Wondering which is the best summer dress for a wedding? Well, choosing the right one is not a tough task, with the range of options available in this type of woman's clothing. Here are some useful tips on choosing the best summer wedding dress.
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Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018
Full Bridal Party
Summer weddings are very popular, along with the bride even the guests attending the wedding are in need of tips and pointers regarding what to wear and what to avoid. The best thing about having a summer wedding is that you have a humongous variety and styles to choose from and the length of the dresses can vary.
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If the wedding is during the day, you can wear short and casual dresses, whereas, if the wedding is at night, you could get into a stunning maxi and look fabulous. The length of the dress is not very important during the hot summer months as comfort is the key factor that needs to be focused on.
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Style and comfort walk hand-in-hand, so it is best to be comfortable while making a style statement at a wedding. You can play around with bright colors, accessories, shoes, makeup, and jewelry, to make your attire look trendy and fabulous.
One basic key point to remember while dabbling in different styles, is that, the final outcome should look glamorous, graceful, and decent. Here are a few styles of summer dresses that you can wear for weddings, either as a guest or the bride-to-be.
Bridal Wear
For the Guests
Maxi Dresses
blue maxi
stripped maxi
red maxi
peacock maxi
printed maxi
Printed Dresses
stripped dress
netted dress
print dress
floral dress
polka dot dress
Short Dresses
off white dress
yellow dress
white short dress
green dress
blue dress
Dress Styles and Materials
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To begin with, you have the basic types of dresses - maxi, short and bridal gowns. Guests can wear nice graceful maxi dresses in beautiful summery prints or even one-colored dresses in bright, vibrant colors.
Wedding dresses look best in classic white, or shades like ivory or champagne; colored wedding dresses are becoming a bit of a fashion statement nowadays, especially during the summer months. Bold, bright colors like turquoise, red, and yellow are in vogue, whereas, pastel shades are also making an entry into the bridal trousseau preferences.
Bride's Trousseau
Short length wedding dresses are a huge hit with younger brides-to-be, and are also very comfortable and elegant. Tea-length wedding dresses are good picks for beach weddings. Long gowns with a high waist, V-shaped neckline, and a sleeveless pattern, make lovely plus size summer wedding wear.
Princess style dresses in soft colors, with thin straps, are a favorite amongst brides. Using frills and laces which add a touch of glamor to the outfit. Belts and bows are other accents that you can have added to your dress.
Guest Appearance
Guests can opt for casual colorful summer dresses. Dresses of any length, teamed with the right accessories, look fabulous and very classy for a summer wedding. Bohemian-styled maxi dresses have made a comeback into the fashion world this summer, so you could give these dresses a try.
Going for a strapless gown is a smart way to stay comfortable in the summer. You can also pick a thin-strapped or single, cross-strapped dress instead. Avoid wearing heavily sequined dresses, or very dark-colored dresses, because you will feel stifled in them.
Bride And Bridesmaid
The fabrics that you can use are cotton, chiffon, crepe or any natural fabric. You can also wear satin, georgette or silk by adding a pure cotton lining to your dress, so that you don't perspire too much in the dress.
Boho Flow
Always try to go in for materials that breathe and those that are comfortable to move around in. Light pastel shades or bright eye-catching hues teamed with breathable fabric, and a beautiful dress, is every woman's dream dress for any summer occasion.
For a summer wedding, you can't really do much as you will feel suffocated with heavy jewelry. The best choice is to go simple and light. A beautiful pair of dangling earrings or even simple studs, paired with a delicate neck-piece, bracelet, brooch and a simple studded hair-pin is all you need to give your entire get-up a touch of sophistication and style.
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Your jewelry should complement your attire.You can wear a nice pair of sandals, heels or wedges that go well with your dress. Your makeup should be natural so that it does not look bad if and when you start perspiring.
A nice bright shade of lipstick, mascara, liner or kohl pencil for your eyes is more than enough to give you that simple yet sultry aura.
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Dressing up for a summer wedding is easy. All you need is a nice light dress that has been tailored well, a beautiful pair of shoes, simple accessories, natural makeup and you are good to go.