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Summer Wedding Bouquets

Summer Wedding Bouquets
Are you planning for a summer wedding this season? Well, among several other advantages, you will also get a range of flowers to choose for your decoration. Here, we give you a variety of ideas for your summer wedding bouquets.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Summer is the most favorite wedding season, not only due to the warm and pleasant climate, but also due to the availability of resources. There are ample vegetables and flowers in summer, which find their use in various decorations. The festivities can take place in beautiful yards or on beaches with the brides wearing strapless or short dresses. These occasions are incomplete without the use of abundant number of flowers, which will look particularly good in summer due to their availability in all hues. However, the brides may find it particularly difficult to pick up flowers for their bouquets, since they all look equally stunning. Therefore, a few suggestions are given below.
Since summer is a busy time for florists, you will have to choose the flowers and talk with your florist well in advance. One great thing about this is that you don't have to ponder over the color of the flowers. You can go for the traditional white, or you may choose to play with colors by going for the exotic flower sample. They can be made in any of the following combinations.
Traditional White
  • White denotes purity, virginity, and is often preferred for marriages, as it complements the pristine white dress of the bride.
  • A bouquet made out of white roses and calla lilies exudes charm and elegance. A bunch of baby's breath can render it a divine touch.
  • For added grace, use a handful of gardenias.
  • Do not forget to tie the bunch with a white satin ribbon or a tulle for a more formal look.
Romantic Pink
  • When the moment is the ultimate symbol of love and romance, there is no better way than to use a bunch of pink roses.
  • Since roses are available all round the year, finding pink roses shouldn't be a problem.
  • They can be combined with white lilies to create a soft, subdued effect.
Classic Red
  • Red roses are the flowers, which are most sought after.
  • Red stands for love and passion, the two fundamental factors upon which a marriage is based.
  • If you want to go for a Valentine theme, go for a combination of red and white roses.
  • Alternatively, you may also combine red roses with bright flowers such as gerbera, gladiolus, etc.
  • During summer, you easily get exotic flowers like orchids and gerbera, which are found in vibrant colors like purple, red, orange, and yellow.
  • Gerbera is a perfectly round flower, which is often used for weddings.
  • Orchids look stunningly pretty with their twisted petals and lovely shades.
  • Chrysanthemum and hibiscus are other brightly colored, exotic flowers to watch out for during summer.
  • Daisy and sunflower are some vibrant flowers that can add color to the special day.
Unique Combinations
  • You may go for flowers of a single variety, or you may choose to go for a combination of several local and exotic varieties.
  • Roses and calla lilies look great in each other's presence.
  • The same goes for roses and orchids.
  • If you want to include a bit of everything, go for the combination of pink and white roses, orchids, yellow carnations, gerbera in shades of white, red, and orange with some salal leaves.
  • Another unique combination includes a bunch of dahlias and hydrangea with a handful of berries.
Summer weddings are colorful, vibrant, and a delightful experience. Along with everything, the brilliant decoration would surely add a lot to this colorful extravaganza.
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