Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

Themes for a summer wedding are plenty. What you choose and how you execute it, will decide the beauty of the final outcome. More help here.
Wedessence Staff
From the romantic ones to the adventurous ones, we have a theme for everyone. Whether the wedding is on a camping site or in a garden, these themes promise you a wedding that will be talked about even after years. From the invitations to the dresses, from the favors to the music, let the theme decide everything for you.
5 Beautiful Theme Ideas for Your Summer Wedding
Hit the Beach
One of the most common themes is that of the beach. If there is a beach that is close to home, this should be your choice as the wedding venue. When you send your invitations, you can make sure they're the color of sand or you can creatively make them out of sandpaper. You need to specify that it's going to be a beach wedding, so that people can dress accordingly. The bridal wear and the groom's attire has to be in accordance with the theme. However, the stylist or the wedding planner will take care of that. For party favors, you can gift the women a necklace of seashells. For the men, you can present personalized hourglasses or sun tan toiletries.
Camp It Out
To make this theme amazingly successful, you can book anywhere between one to three camping sites, depending upon the number of people attending the wedding. You can arrange tents for every family and a small place outside each tent for a campfire. In between all the tents, you can arrange for a small stage where the wedding vows would be recited. You can also go a little Hawaiian with the costumes if you want. The attire of the bride and groom can also be a bit different from the normal, plain white and black. As wedding favors, you can give away camping equipment of different types. The invitations can be made on treasure hunt maps.
Amuse Everyone
Book an entire amusement park for your wedding. This might be a little expensive, but then you have to master the art of cost cutting. Hell, you get married only once! You can make the invitations in various shapes of amusement rides. What's more? You can exchange the rings right on top of a ride. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Now tell me, how many people do that? Just like the amusement park, a water park is also an option. As favors, you can give everyone a photograph with the couple on that particular ride.
Victorian Style
Book a huge garden and do the decorations with as many flowers as you can. Choose from the colors of blue, terracotta, yellow, cream, pastels, and ecru to make the vintage look, look real. Don't forget to add these colors to the rest of the decorations as well. To decorate the hedges in the gardens, use flowers such as gardenias, lilies, pansies, and roses. To the attire, add some bustles along with lace handkerchiefs. Don't forget the morning coats with vests for the men. The invitations can go out with vintage-style lettering. For the favors, give people small bottles of perfumes or scented candles. If it's possible, get in a horse-drawn carriage too!
Floral Fairies
Another summer theme is the floral fairies theme where everything is about flowers. Since it is said that the rose is the queen of flowers, the bride can wear a gown of light pink and the groom can stick to his official attire. The wedding venue can be a flower garden (possibly with a small lake) with some beautiful tents. The invitations can be made out of scented paper and in the form of different flowers. The favors can be scented oils or any products made out of flowers.
You should go with a theme that you can best relate to. For some themes, you might require the help of a wedding planner who can maybe even give you better ideas. As I've mentioned earlier, you get married only once, so don't leave any stone unturned and plan to the best of your capability.
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