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Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

Creative And Unique Ideas for Sunflower Bridal Bouquets

Sunflowers are popular pick for bridal bouquets during the summers and fall season. Sunflower bouquets look attractive and can be further beautified with addition of various flowers and decorative elements. Here are some ideas on lovely sunflower bouquets for the brides.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
While the would-be bride decides on her attire and works on the wedding preparations, bridal bouquets can't be forgotten. Well, these bouquets form an important element of the function and hence choosing them and designing them right is much essential. You can find a number of florists designing and selling beautiful bouquets. Let me tell you that you can always ask the florist to have a customized bouquet which looks exactly the way you want it to.
Most of the brides choose to have a bouquet that compliments the wedding theme and mainly goes well with their attire. Flowers for bouquets are usually chosen depending upon the season or wedding theme. If you are looking for a sunflower bridal bouquet, which are a big hit during the summers and fall season, then here are some ideas on the same.
Bridal Bouquet Ideas
Simply Sunflower
Well if you want to keep it simple and just highlight the summer mood, then have a bunch of fresh sunflowers tied up with a lovely brown or green satin ribbon to make a lovely bouquet. You can also have a mix of large and small sunflowers, with leaves gracing them from all sides and tied up with green or white ribbon. Another idea is to pick bright and dark shades of sunflowers to have a classy looking shaded bouquet. You can further play it up by adding fresh green, long foliage from sides and in-between. Let me tell you that the yellow and green combo looks extremely beautiful especially if the bride is wearing a classy white gown.
Mix it Up
Mixing other flowers with fresh sunflowers can make really beautiful bouquets. With sunflower wedding flowers you can add fresh red roses to have an attractive red and yellow bouquet. White and yellow roses make the best pairs if you want a sunflower bouquet that looks calm and soothing. Another idea is to mix fresh yellow or white daffodils to the large sunflowers and make a bouquet by gracing these with wide satin ribbon. Don't forget to add the long daffodil leaves to this bunch. Calla lilies can make another beautiful pair for sunflowers when you make bouquets. Pick Calla lilies to complement the bridal attire and add them to the flashy sunflowers to make a perfect bouquet.
Creative Arrangements
Well, there are a number of options in flowers and leaves that can be added to the sunflower bouquet to make it a perfect piece. A simple arrangement which includes tying the bunch of flowers in a ribbon so that all of them stay on same is definitely a good idea. But you can further jazz up the same round bouquet by playing up with the arrangement of flowers. A tapering bouquet which has more flowers on top and the bouquet gently tapers down to a cascade at the bottom looks extremely amazing. This is also called a waterfall or cascading bouquet which is a fave of many ladies. These can be beautified by adding metallic and colorful sticks and ribbons in between.
Though sunflowers do not offer you a large number of arrangement options, you can pair a range of flowers and leaves with these. Moreover, you can pick the large sunflowers which quickly make the bouquet look larger and you need to add just a few elements to give it a finishing touch. Look for tiny colorful flowers that can add a hint of color to the yellow bouquet. Making the right color combinations when you add other flowers is an important part. You can use the aforementioned and many other ideas by having a look at the bridal bouquet images and make a attractive looking bouquet for the charming bride!
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