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Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 8, 2018
Out of the various options that are available, sunflower wedding bouquets are very simple to make with very few requirements. We provide some ideas and suggestions on using sunflowers to make the special day even more bright and beautiful.
For a successful wedding you need to have beautiful decorations. Whether it's the table centerpiece or the bouquets, you need to decorate the entire venue to enhance the beauty of the occasion.
The budget, season of the year, theme, etc., are some of the important factors that should be considered while planning the floral arrangements. There are different types of beautiful flowers that can be used for making bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc.
Casablanca lily, rose, etc., are some of the expensive options while sunflowers and chrysanthemums are not as expensive.
Thus, you can choose the arrangements according to your budget. Sunflowers are beautiful and bright flowers that can be used for inexpensive weddings.

Preparation of Bouquets

The sunflower is a simple and elegant flower known for its large head and bright yellow color. Every flower has a meaning and sunflowers are associated with longevity and loyalty. Thus using them for making the bouquets is quite meaningful. They make some of the best options for inexpensive weddings and are popularly used during the summer.
You can purchase them at a florist or even grow your own in your garden. Growing sunflowers is quite simple and the seeds are available at economic prices. These flowers are available in various sizes and because of their large heads, you require only a few of them to make the bouquets.
Their bright yellow colors blend well with other flowers that are white or purple in color. You do not require special decorative material to prepare these bouquets. Even a bunch of 3 to 4 of them held together makes a simple yet elegant arrangement.

Bouquet Ideas

There are lots of advantages of using sunflowers in weddings. They have thick and large stems, and hence you do not have to make special arrangements for holding the bouquets. They last quite long and hence they look fresh for a longer period of time.
The flower colors should always complement the gown of the bride and yellow being a nice bright color blends well with almost any color.
While using other flowers, make sure that you use those with colors that will mix well with yellow. Mums and carnations with their white, purple, and orange colors, make a nice addition to sunflower bouquets.
While using sunflowers with large heads make use of just 3 to 5 of them and use more than 10 when you are using small ones with a diameter of 2 inches. Also use decorative material like baby's breath and floral wires.
While arranging the sunflowers, make sure that each one of them faces outward in different directions. If you simply squeeze them together, the petals will get crushed. While arranging the sunflowers, arch the stems slightly to give it a natural look.
Though sunflowers are not as popular as roses or calla lilies, these are the best choice when you have a limited budget for the decorations. Sunflower wedding bouquets can be used for summer weddings, beach weddings, or a sunflower wedding theme, so have a beautiful and bright wedding and cast away any hint of gloom with sunflowers.