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Sunflower Wedding Theme

Anannya Saikia Oct 12, 2018
The sunflower wedding theme is becoming very popular. It is a fun and colorful theme which symbolizes happiness, vibrancy, and well-being. Enlisted are some aspects to consider for this theme.
Sunflowers symbolize sunshine, happiness, prosperity, and peace; this is exactly what marriages are meant to be. They come in a variety of colors and are very suitable for autumn and summer weddings.
But before you start working on your dream wedding theme, you will have to consider the different aspects, like the location, color schemes, invitations, decorations, food etc.


Since the theme involves flowers, it would be best if the venue was outdoors.
The best location would be a garden decorated with pots filled with sunflower plants or bouquets. The flowers grow their best mostly during July to October. You can also opt for an old church or a barn for the venue.


The invitations should be in a design and color complimenting the theme. Choose a sunflower design, using its shape and color.
Pictures of the flower can adorn the background of the invitations. Surf the Internet for free invitation templates. You can download the designs and use them in your invitation card.

Color Scheme

The colors should definitely be vibrant and bursting with life. Light colors like yellow, orange, and cream should be used for the dresses. Warm and sunny colors should dominate the surrounding; you can also throw in a dash of red and brown so that the other bright colors are not overpowering. You can use a little green to give it a natural look.


Use sunflowers of all sizes with leaves. They come in colors like creamy white, orange and peach.
You can also use some deep burgundy autumn sunflowers for the flower bouquets. The atmosphere should focus on cheerfulness, warmth, and goodwill. Other flowers that you can use are chocolate cosmos, yellow mums, and Gerber daisies.


For a classic and elegant touch, place the flowers in large beautiful vases as centerpieces accompanied by sunflower inspired tablecloths, candles, dried wreaths, sunflower-shaped lights, and other accessories. Decorate the way to the altar with flower pots.
Bouquets carried by the bride should be made of a variety of this flower. Use this for brooches.


Corn, green beans, squash, peas, and roasted chicken are some of the options you can consider while planning the menu.
The vegetables are ready to pick around the same time the sunflowers bloom. See that the vegetables you will be serving are fresh from the garden. For dessert, you can serve a variety of colorful fruits. Keep the catering simple, yet elegant.


For the cake, you can trail these flowers down the tiers of a layered cake. You can also break the tradition and go for a large single layered sunflower-shaped cake. Another idea can be to fill a tray with sunflower-shaped cupcakes.


Favors mark an important part in weddings. You could give boxes or containers filled with chocolate, or chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.
These will be delicious as well as sophisticated. They also make for great honeymoon snacks. You can also give your guests some packaged seeds with a pot that they can take home and plant.
The sunflower is a beautiful and unique flower which is perfect for celebrations. If you are going to have a summer or autumn wedding, be sure to consider this theme.