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Tall Ethereal Wedding Centerpieces

Mamta Mule Nov 26, 2018
A wedding venue needs to be decorated in the best possible way. Centerpieces remain the favorite items of decorators while jazzing up the wedding area. Especially, the tall centerpieces add perfect spice to the location. Here are unique ideas about the same to help you have classic wedding decorations with appealing centerpieces.
Centerpieces are always an important part of the wedding decor as they add a unique charm to the space. Along with the tall ones placed on the floors, those placed on the tables are also very popular. While choosing tall centerpieces, considering the wedding decoration theme is much essential.
As centerpieces work best in the process of beautification, a few such attractive pieces are all that you need to create a grand looking area. Move on to get ideas on tall wedding centerpieces in the following sections.

Tall Centerpieces for Wedding Decor

Classy Glass Jars

A tall glass vase can make a delicate and attractive centerpiece, which can be filled with fresh flowers or decorative sticks. If you want to add flowers to the wedding centerpiece, opt for tall and narrow glass jars which come in various shapes.
Grab a beautiful looking trumpet vase and add calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, delphiniums, gerbera daisies and other such flowers in it. Well, an idea is to cut the stems so that the flowers reach just up to the neck of the vase. You must place flowers of same type in one vase.
Finish by adding pebbles to the vase and enhance its appearance. You can also place large stones or pebbles around the vase, with a few petals of red rose to give it a nice finishing touch.

Pretty Planters

Since plants make inexpensive and beautiful centerpieces, why not bring in some classy planters to play up the decorations? Planters give a classy look to the decorations and those lovely plants with or without colorful flowers will add a cool element to the planters.
You can opt for simple earthy planters available in various shapes, designs and finishes. Porcelain planters are best ones if you want colorful or glossy pieces. Also, check out the pretty mosaic planters which look very pretty. Tall bamboo planters, which are available in different shades and shapes can be chosen to give a rustic feel to the decorations.
Add curly willow branches to these and quick centerpieces are ready! If you want to have lavish centerpieces, then check out the metallic planters. Available in number of shapes, sizes, materials and sets, these will make elegant wedding centerpieces.
While plants and flowers can be easily arranged, all you need to do is choose some really good planters of large size and grace them with plants, stems, flowers or decorative sticks.

Colorful Balloons

Balloons are the next option for making nice centerpieces. These are available in a number of colors and you can pick the best ones to complement the wedding theme.
You can form extremely inexpensive and tall wedding centerpieces using balloons of two different colors. You'll need many balloons of required color to match the theme or rest of the decor, something to weight them down and ribbons of coordinating colors. A gas canister also needs to be hired.
Blow up balloons, secure them and arrange them in groups of 10 - 12 pieces at various places. Tie them to balloon weights, which are available in a huge variety and you can pick those to match the decorations. Once this is done, add metallic or satin ribbons to the balloon arrangement and give a final touch to the tall balloon centerpieces.
Apart from these tall wedding centerpieces, you can opt for other ready-made centerpieces to decorate the wedding venue. Picking the right base material is an important part of the entire exercise. So, browse through the online images for more ideas and get set to give a superb look to the area.