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Tea Length Beach Wedding Dresses

The love of your life proposed to you over the weekend and now you have to start planning your wedding. You have always dreamed of having a beach side wedding but you are worried about the wedding dress that you should wear. It may be a good idea to choose from tea length beach wedding dresses.
Wedessence Staff
From when you were a little girl playing make believe wedding games with your friends in the comfort of your backyard, you have always dreamed of having a beach wedding. The soft sound of the waves hitting the shore would be the music playing, a soft breeze in the air, a twilight setting, fairy lights cradling the aisle, it has always been supposed to be a wedding that belongs in fairy tales. And now your day is finally here. Your boyfriend has just asked you to marry him and your beach wedding is soon going to be a reality. But have you ever thought about what you are going to wear as the bride? In this article, we try to help you decide on the perfect wedding dress that will enhance your bridal beauty.
Choosing Tea Length Wedding Dresses
Before choosing tea length wedding dresses, it is important to understand what length these dresses are. Ideally a tea length dress would be such that the hemline of the dress reaches between the knee and the anklet. This is what makes it the perfect dress for a beach wedding as then you do not have to worry about dirtying the trail of the dress. A wedding dress of this length is a perfect option as you can play around with different choices for fabrics and cuts.
Choosing a fabric for your wedding dress will depend on the weather of the place where you are getting married and also the season in which you are getting married. For an outdoor open air wedding, it is advisable to choose a fabric that is light and comfortable. It would be a great idea to opt for a fabric like cotton, linen, or even organza. Choosing a fabric like satin or even silk, would give you the bedazzling look that you are aiming for, but would make for an extremely uncomfortable dress. While traditionally white wedding dresses would be preferred, if you do not mind an unconventional color, then think about shades like pastel pinks, yellows, or even a peach. It is also important to choose the right pattern for the wedding dress. This would completely depend on your taste and individualistic choice. The weather would be another factor that would help you decide how you should design your wedding dress. If you are looking for help with choosing the right pattern for your wedding dress, then there are some good ideas for beach wedding dresses that are given below.
Spaghetti Dress
This may not seem like one of the best options for the bride herself, especially someone who is wearing a tea length wedding gown, but it can be the best choice for a casual beach wedding. It is the type of dress that is elegant without trying too hard. If you are conscious about your arms, then you can choose to wear a lace shrug with the dress. You can also choose to play around with an uneven hemline for such a dress.
Halter Dress
Another favorite with brides who have opted to have a halter dress, this is one of the best options amongst tea length beach wedding dresses. You can have your dress designed in such a manner that the top is made of lace lined with cotton, while the skirt of the dress is a more flowing material. Such a dress when teamed with the right accessories will make you seem like you have stepped out of a fairy tale.
Sheath Dress
Another great option for a wedding dress is a strapless sheath dress made of stain. In the humidity that comes with a beach wedding, a dress made of satin will hold up well, and the texture of the fabric will ensure that you do not get sand on the dress. Wearing a bolero jacket can help you overcome any insecurities you have about wearing something that exposes so much.
Petal Hem Dress
So you are looking for a more formal option for your wedding dress? Opt to wear a dress that is not made of lace so that you do not have to deal with the trapping of sand. If you want a similar look, opt for pleats and ruched patterns. You can also opt to have only the top made of lace and have the skirt made with alternating layers that end at different spots. This can be a pretty look for a young bride.
These are just some of the many options that you can choose from. If you have imagined another pattern, you can always choose to modify it to suit your needs for a beach wedding.