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Tea Length Dresses with Sleeves

Sleeved tea length dresses are perfect for weddings.
Rutuja Jathar Oct 8, 2018
Every aspiring bride wants everything perfect on her biggest day - the wedding day. Belonging to a fashion conscious clan, the main focus of the wedding preparation for a girl is her wedding dress.
But since there are so many types of dresses to choose from, there is a great chance for total confusion in this department! Well, it is always better to wear those long, elegant, white wedding gowns, with even longer trains, at a formal church wedding.
But if it is a beach or destination wedding, then there are too many experiments that can be done with the attire regarding their lengths, colors, and patterns. All of us have seen those chic, tea length cocktail dresses. You can wear one of those for your wedding.

Tea Length Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

For those of you, who are untouched by the concept of tea length dresses, let us explain a bit further. To be more definitive, an evening gown, which is 2 inches above the ankles, is called a tea length dress. These are one of the favorite party attire of women of all ages.
It is the reason why they are a huge hit on various social events, like prom nights and cocktail parties. When these are further beautified with sleeves, they look just elegant and attractive. That is why they are popularly selected by many brides-to-be these days.
Unlike common assumption, dresses with sleeves are not limited for the section of plus size clothing. Along with plus size wedding dresses with sleeves, you can also find graceful petite tea dresses for women with slim body types, and can also look really gorgeous with tea length dresses.
Using them for weddings is becoming a trend for the bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the bride herself.
There are various types of sleeves that match these dresses. Some of the popular styles include petal, cap, Juliet, t-shirt, illusion, balloon, bell, off shoulder sleeves, etc.
Choose the texture and pattern of your dress according to the occasion. If you need bridesmaid dresses for a day wedding or prom, opt for bright colors; but for a cocktail party or a semi formal or informal evening wedding, go for casual wedding dresses and less flashy colors.
You can add different collar patterns as well. One of the popular ones is the Chinese collar with sleeves. You can also shuffle the length of the sleeves anywhere from full to maggi sleeves. However, make sure that you go for the length that suits your body type.
Make sure that you select soft and flowy fabrics, and accessorize it with subtle bridal fashion accessories. For instance, if you choose an A-line dress with sleeves, then wear a simple messy updo, a small beaded hairpin, or a flower/feather fascinator, bird cage veil, closed toe shoes, and short hand gloves.
In case you want to go vintage, then you can opt for those lacy or illusion sleeves. Various wedding gowns with sleeves are easily available at many bridal fashion stores. To make it more versatile, you can wear a half jacket with desired sleeves length. This way, you can turn any sleeveless bridal dress into a unique one with sleeves.
As mentioned earlier, you need to select the pattern as well as length of the sleeves according to your body type. That way, you can flash any tea length dress with confidence!